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Legal Drinking Age in Mexico

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Mexico? or you are just carrying out a class assignment. Whichever the case, your goal is to find out what the legal drinking age in Mexico is and that’s why you are scrolling through this page.

The good news is that you have come to the right place. Whether you are taking a trip to Mexico or just doing some research with the intention of visiting Mexico soon, knowing the laws that govern alcohol in Mexico is a very important accomplishment.

So, in order for you to get a good grade in that class assignment or perhaps enjoy your vacation without breaking any laws by gulping a few shots of tequila. It is best you keep reading to find out the legal drinking age in Mexico. Trust me, jails are really not nice in Mexico.

The Legal Drinking Age in Mexico

We are finally at the heart of the gist. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old, unlike in America and some countries in Europe where you have to be 21 years old before you “bottoms up” with a cold beer.

If you are a little above 18, at this point you may wish you lived in Mexico and you may start nursing intentions to visit. If you are visiting Cancun or Cozumel you don’t have to worry because the same legal drinking age in Mexico applies.

It is soothing to know the legal drinking age in Mexico, but you would agree that it is more soothing to know the kind of punishment that comes with breaking this rule.

Penalty For Minors

What is The Legal Drinking Age in Mexico? - Gistwurld 2022

Being below 18 in Mexico can be uninteresting especially if your company is made up of 18-year-olds and above. You get the urge to join your friends out of fear of being left out. Taking such a decision could bring severe repercussions. You may get away from penalties in some lenient restaurants and resorts in your home country because you know them.

In a strange country like Mexico, you may not always be lucky. So it would be wise to take the drinking laws seriously. However, if you fail to abide by the drinking age, you may attract the following penalties:

➻ Prison Time

It is bad to buy alcohol in Mexico as a minor, it is even worse to sell alcohol to a minor in Mexico. You could be scolded as a minor for drinking alcohol in Mexico, but anyone selling alcohol to minors goes to jail.

Including drugs will be a step further in the prison sentence. Drugs are illegal in Mexico even if it is easy to come by, So it is better to resist the urge as a minor. Drugs can get you a prison sentence for a year, that is if you don’t get caught up in messy deals with a cartel.

A good lawyer can get the Judge to grant you bail, but that would be a stain on the vacation. It won’t be the ideal family outing. In some drug cases, bail applications get rejected.

➻ Attracting a Fine

If you succeed in escaping prison time, you could attract a hefty fine being a drunk minor in Mexico. Adults are not left out since drunk driving is a criminal offence. Also, very lousy drunk parties in residential areas could attract the police and have you detained for up to 36 hours.

➻ Getting kicked out

You could simply get kicked out of the bar or resort if you’re seen with an underage drinking.

It is important to note that the national limit for blood alcohol content is 0.8. However, some states have stricter rules:

● 0.4: Estado de MΓ©xico, Hidalgo, Jalisco, MichoacΓ‘n, Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Distrito Federal, Tamaulipas, and Veracruz

● 0.5: Chihuahua

Now that you have a clew what could happen if you’re caught drinking in Mexico below the age of 18, let’s talk about the best drinks that will bring home the vacation vibe.

Best Drinks to Checkout in Mexico

Best Drinks to Checkout in Mexico

Nobody will travel miles only to drink what they can easily drink at home. On getting to Mexico, you will need the best cactus and citrus juice indigenous to the people of Mexico. You should include these ones in your list if you have already made one:

● Cru Cru Porter: Cru Cru is a great beer choice. It contains bits of coffee and chocolate. It gives a very rich taste with a bitter aftertaste.

● Don Mateo Pechuga: If the plan is a family or group trip with friends, the Don Mateo will be an ideal drink. It is a pechuga made with Cenizo agave. It contains bits of rich, earthy, and smoky flavour in every drink.

● Mezcal Real Minero Largo: Made up of 100% largo agave. The Real Minero is a family-run brand, this mezcal contains a herbal and green note with a mild sweetness.

● CervecerΓ­a de Colima Piedra Lisa: This one is for those who want to go easy, enjoy every bit of its citrus flavour and keep the feeling in your memory lane.

If the legal drinking age in your country is higher than the drinking age in Mexico, it doesn’t mean that Mexico is lenient. As you plan your trip or draft that essay, please bear in mind that actions have repercussions. So always make sure you are family with the rules of your travel destination before embarking on your journey.

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