BBNaija: Phyna cried for fear after Deji and Groovy’s Swap

phyna cried after deji and groovy's level swap

Phyna cried after Deji and Groovy’s level swap for fear of losing her man. She admitted that she knows a lot of ladies in the Level Up house want him and she’s scared she’d lose him to them.

Groovy was shocked that he was moved but, he took it well and tried comforting Phyna. All the Level 2 Housemates sympathized with them except Amaka, who seemed pleased with the swap.

Though her reason wasn’t clearly known, some perceived it was because she still felt Phyna actually stole Groovy from her. She was seen advising Phyna to forget about him because he actually has a thing for Chomzy.

Though some think it is because Groovy leaving the Level 1 house will give her time to bond more with her long-lost Friend, Phyna.Β 

Level 1 House

Groovy was warmly welcomed and bombarded with questions from Bella, Sheggz and Doyin and it felt like an interview. Bella asked Groovy about Beauty’s disqualification and who he was close to in the Level 2 House after her disqualification.

He opened up on his relationship with Beauty and how it went sour and his current hook-up with Phyna. After the questioning in the dining, Groovy went to put away his Bags another round of conversation with Sheggz sufficed.

Sheggz gave him the gist about his fight with Adekunle and what led to it. It appeared like Sheggz was trying to build some sort of alliance with Groovy for future purposes.

The conversation then moved to their University education. Doyin and Groovy went to the same University, so they spoke about their school and people they both might have known.

Sheggz seized the opportunity however to let everyone know that he went to university abroad and didn’t have to experience long strikes. Β 

When Doyin finally had Groovy all to herself, the questions continued. She asked about what transpired between him and Beauty and her disqualification.

This time, however, he explained everything that happened between them and how she got disqualified. He added that Beauty must have had issues trusting him and thinking he didn’t want to be open about what they had.

He also said some nice things about Beauty, which includes that she’s smart, loyal, etc.Β 


Level 2 House

Just like Groovy, Deji was also welcomed in the level 2 House and was barged with lots of questions too. He did his best to answer as much as he could and also asked the housemates a few questions.

Phyna and Amaka went ahead to entertain him with a gist as he unpacked his bag in the bedroom. The gist moved to Phyna and her ships so far and She spoke about Eloswag, and how she noticed Chomzy was in the picture.

She also spoke about Groovy’s ship withΒ  Beauty and how she came into the picture with him. During the conversation, Deji revealed that Chomzy liked Groovy and Phyna shouted β€œGroovy go touch everybody”.

What Phyna meant to say was that she was okay with Groovy going after Chomzy if he wanted her. Phyna also added that if Groovy went after Chomzy she would her shot again at Eloswag.

However, Amaka was happy to have her friend back as she supported her every statement. She opened up to everyone that Phyna had abandoned her for 6 days because of a ship that might soon end.Β 

Phyna also disclosed that she liked Bryann but had brother-zoned him because she felt he was younger than her. In one night, Deji had a whole lot of information that may be useful to him as a Fake Housemate.

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