How to Join Binance Live & Earn Free Money – Detailed 2022 Guide

How to Join Binance Live & Earn Free Money

How to join Binance Live can be difficult if you are new to the Binance exchange or just hearing about this product for the first time.

If you are in this category there is nothing to worry about as I will be providing a step-by-step guide to help you participate in Binance live and earn money.

Binance live is a watch-to-earn product from Binance that gives Binancers the opportunity to earn free crypto by streaming live chats and videos from creators.

Creators can also earn by receiving tips from their viewers. Funds received on Binance live go to the funding wallet of your Binance account.

But to start earning, you need the right tools, the set-up knowledge and the tricks involved. So, here we go!


How to Join Binance Live

To join the Binance live chat you need to have a Binance account and a Binance App installed on your smartphone.

Follow these steps to start participating in Binance Live:Β 

1. Signup on Binance: This opportunity is only available to Binance users, so you need to be part of the exchange to benefit from the exchange. Use this link to get a signup bonus – https://accounts.binance.info/en/register?ref=81281401Β 

2. Download the Binance App: After signing up you can easily find a link to download the App or refer to your phone’s App store, depending on the type of device you are using.Β 

3. After downloading the App, you will have to verify your account by providing identity documents.Β 

4. When you get verified, you are ready to explore all that Binance has to offer including Binance live. Now head to the homepage of the App and tap on the more icon next to the earn icon as shown in the photo below.


How to Join Binance Live & Earn Free Money - Detailed 2022 Guide

5. The more button will expose you to a plethora of Binance products. Please head to the gifts and reward section which is just below as shown in the picture. Here you will find the Binance live icon, tap on it and descend into the arena of watch to earn.Β 

how to join binance live

The Binance Live Interface

Binance has an interface which emulates most streaming platforms like Youtube and Netflix. Contents appear in boxes with labels on them.

It is common to find Live Chat rooms, Recommend Live content and previews of already ended live streams. The recommended chat rooms are where you should visit if you are interested in getting some free crypto bags.

Tips And Tricks

There are a few tricks you will need to understand if you must have any luck increasing your portfolio with Binance live. These are very important to note;Β 

i. The Live Chatroom gets you more boxes Β 

ii. If you get value from a live stream, always send a tipΒ 

iii. Using the App is much more convenient than a web browser Β 

iv. Don’t forget to fulfil reward conditions each time you join to obtain reward coins and redeem them.Β 

v. Don’t stay stocked in just one Live Chatroom, explore!Β 

If this guide was helpful, please share and leave any questions you have in the comments. Thanks.Β 

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