How to Get Free Cryptocurrency From Top Exchanges 2022 Update

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency From Top Exchanges

Getting free Cryptocurrency is regularly becoming a tall order for most crypto enthusiasts and those who are new to the cryptocurrency space. If you are just joining the crypto space, you might be a little late in time because you have missed the era of entirely free crypto airdrops.

Nowadays airdrops are not entirely free as most projects prefer leaving the project launching in the hands of launching companies or exchanges. In a nutshell, they would rather do business with the launching thereby having you give something in return for an airdrop.

Maybe request you to buy an amount of the token or hold a certain quantity of another token in your wallet before you are eligible for an airdrop.

With this new method of issuing Airdrops it has become difficult to find zero-cost airdrops or even the ones that make you do minor tasks like following a social media handle or retweeting a particular post.

Does this mean that the only strategy for accumulating totally free crypto has gone extinct? The answer is NO. In this article, you will be informed on how to get free cryptocurrency from centralised exchanges like Binance,Β  Coinbase, Bitcoke etc.

Getting Free Cryptocurrency From Exchanges

Now we have arrived at the interesting part. Since the airdrop loop has been sealed, crypto scavengers have discovered other ways of accumulating cryptocurrencies at no cost on different centralised exchanges by just owning an account.

I know you’re thinking about accounts you will have to create when you finally get the tricks but the truth is, you will not need a lot.

These free goodies are not on every exchange, you will mostly find them on top centralised exchanges that have taken enough and also have enough to give. So, let’s the exchanges that have free crypto for the taking and how you can take them.

1. Free Crypto on Binance

how to get free crypto from exchanges

Binance is considered by most people as the biggest exchange in the world. There is no doubt about this as Binance is one of the widely used exchanges with millions of customers all over the world. This means they’ve got their hands on a lot of trading fees and can easily give back to their community of traders.

Binance does not only give out free crypto through events but also creates products that allow people to give crypto gifts in return for certain favours. This product is called Binance Live and it will be discussed alongside other methods of getting free Crypto on Binance.

So, here are the ways to get free cryptocurrency on Binance;

i. Binance Live

Binance live is a Binance product that brings content creators and content consumers together. NFT creators can organise Live chat sessions to promote their NFT projects which will be listed on the Binance NFT platform.

During these sessions, the organisers and guests of the chat will drop free crypto boxes from time to time for the participants to claim. The claimed crypto is automatically credited to your funding wallet on Binance.

Apart from being a participant in a chat session, you can create a live session where you provide valuable content and get tipped by your viewers.

Yes, viewers who are getting value from your content will tip you with free crypto boxes which will be credited directly to your wallet. Here is a full guide on how to participate.

ii. Binance WODL

Here is another product from Binance that users need to interact with to earn free crypto. The Binance WODL is a mini-game that allows Binance users to guess mystery words to understand the latest market developments while earning crypto rewards.

The Theme of the game changes daily and to have an edge, a participant will have to read through the Binance news content relating to the theme of the game.

Users who get at least five correct answers will qualify for an equal share ofΒ  $10,000 in BUSD token vouchers. Here is a full guide on how to participate.


2. Get Free Crypto on Coinbase

Get Free Crypto on Coinbase

Here is another top-tier centralised exchange with a lot to give. Coinbase cannot be left out of a conversation about exchanges which you can get free crypto from because there are different opportunities to explore. So let’s get to them;

i. Coinbase learning rewards

Coinbase Earn is the simplest method to begin generating cryptocurrency rewards on Coinbase. You can obtain several cryptocurrencies to try for yourself in the exchange for understanding the fundamentals of these cryptocurrencies (often by watching quick videos).Β 

More than $100 million in cryptocurrencies, including 0x, Basic Attention Token, Zcash, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Dai, Tezos, Orchid, Compound, Celo, Nucypher, and the Graph, have been distributed to customers since Coinbase Earn launched in 2018.

ii. Coinbase New User Incentive

Just signing up on Coinbase can get you free crypto and if you buy your first crypto on the exchange you are entitled to free $5 in BTC.

The reward for just signing up is determined when the new user spins the wheel of rewards, where the wheel stops after a spin is the reward a user gets either in USD or BTC.

Before you jump on coinbase just to get the new user incentives, it is best you learn all about the additional terms.

3. Getting Free Crypto on Bitcoke Exchange

how to get free crypto from exchanges

This exchange is not as popular as the once discussed above but it creates an venue for people to earn free cryptocurrency by just performing basic tasks like the oldschool free airdrops.

You can make $10 in crypto on Bitcoke for free by just joining their Telegram Channel and following them on twitter after signing up.

You can also make an additional $5 worth of crypto if you link your account to a third-party trading App to display live performance.

No tedious demands and you have $15 sitting in your wallet. These free rewards may seem small but if you choose to focus on the long term value, you will see why you shouldn’t wave them off. Share this article with friends, so they too can get their hands on the free bags.

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