12 Top Celebrity Dental Implants – Before And After Photos

celebrity dental implants before and after

Celebrity Dental Implants Before and After: Celebrities are adorable to watch when they often give off a smile or two, exposing a set of perfectly arranged white teeth.

For most it took money and some level of pain to get that kind of smile. Most times there is a lot of pain behind the procedure, so much that you would think people would avoid it.

It wouldn’t feel good to think a celebrity would subject themselves to such pain but everything has a price and beauty is not an exception.

A Celebrity’s life is filled with so many ‘smile for the camera’ occasions and not having a great set of teeth is bad for business. They know this, that’s why many celebrities have ignored the pain and opted for dental implants, restorations and whitening.

Celebrities live their lives in front of the camera, many times they have cameras in their faces against their will. So, in order to avoid being an object of caricature on social media which could cost them their jobs, they have to look appealing in the eyes of the public.

Altogether, Hollywood stars will do everything possible to get a perfect smile for the camera. There are lots of celebrities who have undergone dental transformations, but we will stick with the big ones in this article.


Top Celebrity Dental Implants

For the record, you don’t need to be a Hollywood celebrity to have a perfect smile. Everyone deserves a perfect smile, but if you are ever scared of going through with it, have it at the back of your mind that these very famous people went through with it.

1. Mike Tyson

12 Top Celebrity Dental Implants - Before And After Photos

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that famous Mike is at the top of this list. I mean, he was a professional boxer and has taken a hook or jab that has cost him a tooth or two.

Even by the standards, boxers aren’t exactly recognized for having attractive teeth. However, Mike Tyson’s smile was lacking.Β 

The boxer previously had gold crowns placed on his anterior teeth, but he has now had the gap somewhat closed and switched to what looks to be veneered. His teeth are smaller and more closely spaced than ever before.Β 

In his life, boxer Mike Tyson underwent multiple smile makeovers. His wife Kiki claims that it was necessary for him to bite off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear with the gold tooth.

2. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The hero of successful films like “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” “Top Gun,” and many more began his career with stained, misaligned teeth.Β 

Tom Cruise’s career took off beautifully because of both his talent and his improved smile. He might not have become the celebrity he is now if he had retained his natural teeth.Β 

Cruise racked up a lot of cosmetic dental expenses to become a true leading man who could draw audiences from Phoenix, Arizona, to Baltimore, Maryland. His teeth were whitened and straightened as part of this.Β 

Extreme dental work was performed on Tom Cruise. Since then, the believer of Scientology apparently upgraded to a mouthful of veneers. Regardless, Tom Cruise’s smile is an example of the perfect Hollywood smile.

3. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

One of the best performers of his time is Morgan Freeman, but as he got older, his teeth started to yellow. Among the famous people with dental implants is Morgan Freeman.Β 

Although we cannot guarantee it, Morgan Freeman likely had extractions on his top teeth and All-On-4 or an implant bridge on his bottom teeth, which were likely all crowned. This is according to the shape of his teeth at the time.Β 

He now appears ten years younger than he did before visiting his cosmetic dentist, which helped him get many more movie roles.Β 

4. Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson

Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson

After being called out by another rapper for the gap in a song, the rapper made the decision to do something about it. 50 chose, however, to refrain from completely altering his teeth. He requested that his front teeth not be reduced in size because he still wanted to “look like himself” when he looked in the mirror.Β 

50 has experienced more dental problems than is reasonable. In 2000, he was shot eight times, and two of the bullets hit him in the face.Β 

He lost a tooth as a result of it, and shrapnel wound up in his tongue. His teeth darkened as the years passed. His front tooth’s crown appeared out of position as a result.

5. Nicholas Cage

celebrity dental implants before and after

There is no disputing that Nicolas Cage has always been a distinctive actor, and this is certainly out there: to get into character for the 1984 movie “Birdy,” Cage actually got two teeth extracted. Nicholas Cage more than needed a dental makeover.Β 

He presumably had highly discoloured teeth from a variety of causes, such as smoking, bad hygiene, heredity, etc. But as Cage transitioned to leading man roles, his unkempt-appearing teeth needed a makeover.Β 

He had a full set of veneers, which appear to have worked well for him. For one of the films he made after the makeover, he even received an Oscar nomination.

6. Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The issues with Celine Dion’s teeth are in the past. She underwent considerable dental work. She is the ideal illustration of a radical mouth makeover.Β 

Her teeth weren’t flawless until she had cosmetic dentistry treatments performed in the 1990s, after her career started to take off, even though she had the angelic voice of perfection.Β 

The singer Celine Dion Dion’s teeth are now whiter and smaller than they were in the 1980s. She avoided brighter tones because she is conservative.

7. Chris Rock

Chris Rock

Chris Rock used to have somewhat protruding upper teeth when he was younger. They arranged themselves into an inverted “V.”Β 

According to reports, the actor invested a sizeable portion of his “Lethal Weapon” earnings in cosmetic dentistry. He got some veneers and dental implants, among other things.

8. Miley Cyrus

12 Top Celebrity Dental Implants - Before And After Photos

Miley Cyrus’ slightly misaligned teeth during the “Hannah Montana” era did little to enhance the adolescent singer’s appeal. Β 

This famous person’s braces would have taken a very long time to align and adjust. So Miley Cyrus’ teeth underwent a drastic dental makeover and were entirely transformed.Β 

She wanted to modernize her teeth to reflect her new image as she’s grown more sophisticated and shocking with age.Β 

So, after leaving Disney Channel, she had her teeth whitened and straightened, and now they are a part of her signature tongue-out pose.

9. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has one of Hollywood’s most endearing smiles. He has long been a staple of the tabloids, so he undoubtedly understands the significance of a pleasant smile. Β 

Affleck underwent a number of cosmetic dental treatments that improved the appearance of his teeth and helped him get roles like Batman.Β 

BenΒ had buck teeth when he was younger and didn’t transition into the dashing acting roles of his mid-30s until the buck had been removed. Β 

AΒ short glance at his teeth in “Goodwill Hunting” reveals the actor has undergone some dental work.Β 

Before shooting Armageddon, producer Jerry Bruckheimer reportedly arranged for the celebrity to have caps put on, according to People magazine.

10. Zac Efron

12 Top Celebrity Dental Implants - Before And After Photos

Many could argue that Zac’s dentiton wasn’t that bad and he still had a great smile before he made it to stardom on disney. Well, the obvious is that he looks better after the dental transformation.

Efron had to have cosmetic dentistry performed in order to correct his uneven teeth, and he also had them whitened. His dental work is flawless in every way. Β 

He made a wise decision when he opted to improve his appearance by whitening his teeth.

11. Jim Carrey

celebrity dental implants before and after

The big star behind β€œThe Mask” and so many other movie hits, actually has the chipped tooth his character displayed in the classic movie β€œDumb and Dumber”. Being a very funny actor, many fail to notice the dental work done on his teeth.Β 

Carrey got the teeth bonding decades ago; nonetheless, he occasionally takes the bonding off to entertain his admirers. Carrey regularly goes on spiritual retreats in Arizona.

12. Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario made an effort to treat his overstuffed mouth. He removed the metal post from his front teeth but the tooth still has to be fixed. Β 

Ronaldo has undoubtedly addressed numerous issues brought on by years of degradation and now wearsΒ a smile that makes him appear younger.Β 

However, maintaining the recognizable frontal wouldn’t have been a bad decision.

Celebrities make different body adjustments, from Boob Jobs to face lifts and dental implants for a plathora of reasons including being fit for the screens.

It doesn’t mean that these body improvements are only meant for celebrities, no, far from it. So, if you feel your teeth is bad and you are too shy to wear a smile, visit a cosmetic dentist and get yourself the kind of smile you see on Tv shows.

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