Biggie calls out Bella and Sheggz After The Close-Up Task

Biggie calls out Bella and Sheggz After The Close-Up Task

Biggie calls out Bella and Sheggz on Tuesday for their nonchalant attitude to the task. The Housemates partook in a Close Up Challenge that involved four housemates. They were anonymously paired male and female.

The task was to compose a love song together. Biggie paired Phyna with Sheggz intentionally following their verbal abuse earlier in the morning.

He wanted to see how they would switch from enemies to friends in a short time. He also paired Bella and Chizzy knowing that Chizzy nominated her and her lover for eviction.Β 

Before PresentationΒ 

Biggie gave the Housemates one hour to go back into the house and Compose their song. On getting to the house, Bella went to the Kitchen to prepare a meal. She was accompanied by her lover withstood her all along.

Chizzy kept going up and down in the Kitchen, trying to get her attention so they could work. But all his efforts proved futile so he went on to work alone. Bella and Sheggz went ahead to eat and after eating, went into the bedroom. Β 

While Chizzy was composing his song, Phyna kept moving around in confusion and anger.Β  She was heard saying, β€œI don’t know what to do o” as she wasn’t getting the inspiration she needed.Β 

Biggie announced they had 15 minutes left before the presentation, and Bella went in search of Chizzy to hear his song. Phyna wasn’t able to meet Sheggz beforehand for a quick rehearsal.

They just changed and went straight to the Arena for their photoshoot album.


During PresentationΒ 

On arrival, Biggie called out all the latecomers first, then asked Bella and Sheggz to stand. He warned them that he would no longer tolerate how they treat their partners. Especially by not choosing to work together with them in preparation for the Presentation.

Sheggz defended himself, saying he had suggested they prepare their respective verses and perform It as a single song. Β 

Teamwork was a common theme in the House, so Biggie asked Bella and Sheggz to apologise to their partners, which they did. Phyna was already sobbing but her partner, Sheggz didn’t care.

Eloswag tried reaching out to her, but she wasn’t looking at him. He reached out to Sheggz to find out if she was okay and Sheggz replied that she wasn’t in a good mood.Β 

After PresentationΒ 

When the Housemates went back into the House, Phyna couldn’t back her tears. She cried about how she hates being unprepared for anything. β€œI don’t like that a human being is putting me off balance,” she said.

She added that she prefers putting in her best to a thing and failing than failing because of someone’s nonchalance. Even though she put her game face on when it was time to perform.

She and Sheggz sang their lines in the best way they could but she wasn’t happy at the end of the performance. Groovy, Diana and other housemates comforted her and encouraged her to watch her energy and not allow people to see her weakness.

Bella on the other hand went into the bathroom and started crying. Obviously, because Chizzy called out her bullshit to Biggie and didn’t take her excesses. Sheggz had to talk to Chomzy to go talk to her and apologized to Chizzy on her behalf.Β 

How much more do you think Sheggz and Bella can do to get a strike?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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