Big Brother Naija Season 7 House Pranks – See Full Gist

bbnaija season 7 house pranks

BBNaija season 7 house pranks on housemates in the previous seasons were played by the Ninjas. But the Level Up Housemates has spiced things up a bit. This year have decided to help the Ninjas and prank themselves.Β 

The Level 1 Housemates were running out of food last week. And this was because they lost the week’s Wager Task Presentation. However, they did not know that the current Head of House, Eloswag, and Adekunle pranked them.

First Prank

Eloswag and Adekunle agreed to hide some foodstuff and cause a shortage of food. The shortage of food in the house stirred up a verbal argument between Eloswag and Chichi.

The argument pushed Eloswag to say if he retains his title as Head of House, he won’t waste time nominating her for possible Eviction.


Second Prank

The bbnaija season 7 house pranks included a pen and paper disappearing mysteriously from the house and none of the Housemates knew how it happened.

Biggie had to ask them about the magic disappearance of items during the diary session. All they could give was an apology as they didn’t know want was going on.

To crown it all, a Level 1 Housemate found a condom in their bathroom this morning when it was time to bathe. The Housemates were shocked to see it and it raised a stir.

The housemates decided that they will all look into the matter. They debated on the kind of mischief that was and most importantly, who was responsible for that act.

Earlier now, there was a point when condoms were missing in the house and Phyna suspected Khalid. That was because he was in a sexual relationship with Danielle before his eviction.

In a conversation in the garden, Doyin said she’s suspecting Eloswag and she thinks he’s the one pulling this stunt on his fellow Housemates. Β 

Though she doesn’t have proof of this now, one thing is clear: that something tricky is going on in the house.

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