Big Brother Naija Khalid and Danielle Sex Scandal – Latest Update

bbn khalid and danielle

BBN Khalid and Danielle: Recently, the sex scandal of Khalid and Danielle has been on the lips of most Nigerians who follow the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up.

Khalid and Danielle are particular BBN celebrities who have been all closed up, days after they joined the House. Khalid and Danielle also known as the Big Brother Naija lovers, were caught on camera β€˜cuddling up’ under the duvet on Monday night. Β 

Though they have shared other passionate moments, Danielle’s claim to be a virgin did not allow for suspense. That night, the kiss was so passionate and led to a hot round of sex which was witnessed by Amaka, a fellow housemate.Β 

Amaka stayed up to observe them from her bed to know If the sound she was hearing was a moaning sound. Amaka opened up to Phyna, during their conversation on Tuesday about how she felt that night.Β 

She disclosed she was turned on and horny watching Khalid and Danielle having sex that night. During one of the conversations with Amaka, Phyna also disclosed the disappearance of condoms in the house and said she suspected Khalid and Danielle to be responsible.Β 

Khalid asked Danielle how it finally feels to be a woman in one of their conversation. Danielle answered and said she felt like she has been a girl all this while.Β 

Viewer’s Expressions and Comments

Most viewers expressed shock as It has just been three weeks into the Big Brother Naija house.Β 

The viewers admitted in their comments that they knew housemates would have sex eventually, but it was too soon for Khalid and Danielle.Β 

They were blamed for not being able to control themselves sexually on National TV. Khalid was also condemned because he condemned Danielle for excessive drinking of alcohol. Β 

He threatened to end their relationship if she doesn’t stop drinking. He further said his religion forbids drinking as he is a Muslim.Β 

Viewers asked if his religion that forbids drinking does not forbid having sex on National TV. Even The Director of Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola spoke on the sex scandal. Β 

He said whatever happens in the Big Brother Naija house is β€˜Haram’ which is likened to an abomination. And that he has no right to pass a shari’a condemnation on a jurisdiction not governed by the shari’a law.Β 

He went further to disclose he was among the people who opined that the TV Show should be stopped in Nigeria. Danielle also had her dose of condemnation as she claimed she was a virgin when she entered the Big Brother Naija house.Β 

Some went further to say her cowgirl style contradicted that claim. Others called her a shame and a whore for having sex on National TV.Β 

Big Brother Naija was not left out in the condemnation as they were accused of permitting illicit shows.Β 

Nigerians also accused them of normalizing sex and nudity in the show. And also for distracting young Nigerians from the issues of the nation and derailing them from morality.Β 

While some viewers have complaints to make, other viewers do not see anything wrong with the sex scandal. Some claimed they enjoyed the sex scenes and pledged to continue subscribing to the show.

Though most viewers fear for Danielle and how she would survive if Khalid gets evicted this Sunday. Khalid was nominated for possible eviction by Adekunle and fellow Level 1 housemates.

Should the show go on? And what do you think would happen if Khalid gets evicted? Let us know in the comments.

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