Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 3 Live Eviction – Full Detail

BBnaija week 3 eviction

BBnaija week 3 eviction: Sunday is one of the scariest days for all housemates in the BBNaija House as one or more of the housemates will be evicted.Β 

The show started with 24 real housemates and 2 fake housemates added in the first week of the Sunday live eviction show and no one was evicted in the first week.Β 

In the last two weeks, we’ve had two evicted and one disqualified housemate bringing the number of the remaining housemates to 23.Β 

Nominees For Eviction

Adekunle who is the current Head of House had nominated 5 housemates in Level 2 for possible eviction. The housemates are:Β 

  • IllebayeΒ 
  • KhalidΒ 
  • PhynaΒ 
  • BryannΒ 
  • GroovyΒ 

As a level 1 housemate, his team is immune to nomination for possible eviction. He also gave his reasons for nominating these five persons for possible evictionΒ 

Ebuka’s Twist

Ebuka had everyone on their toe but viewers and housemates with his questions and revelations. He revealed conversations some of the nominated housemates had with fellow housemate and went further to probe what their intentions were. Here are some of the conversations and their replies:Β 

Danielle and Khalid

Danielle had a conversation with Amaka after the Saturday party about how she feels regarding her relationship with Khalid. She said she feels Khalid was using their relationship as a strategy.Β 

When asked why she said so, she admitted to having that feeling but also spoke to Khalid about it and he cleared her doubt that his intentions were true.Β 

When Khalid was asked, he said he honestly felt something for Danielle.Β 

Illebaye and Bryann

This two who had something strong earlier and almost started a ship don’t see eye to eye again.Β 

When Bryann was asked what gave rise to the distance between them as he even walked out on her in the dining earlier. He said there was no problem between them and that they were cool.

Though Ebuka thought it was because he wanted to start something with Modella so he asked Illebaye. Illebaye also admitted with her fake accent that there was nothing wrong with the both of them as they were cool.

She further said there was nothing serious between them as they never did have any connection.Β 

Sheggz and Adekunle

Adekunle had had a conversation with Diana and Giddyfia and disclosed he doesn’t trust Sheggz and he thinks his relationship with Bella was a strategy.

When he was asked why he thought so, he admitted that it was a general Conversation. Since they were trying to discover the strategy of the housemates, he thought that was Sheggz’s own.Β 

Sheggz on the other hand was exposed to have said he didn’t vibe well with Adekunle so Ebuka asked why. Sheggz admitted to saying that and added that he didn’t know Adekunle that well and had his reservations about him. Sheggz also added that what he feels for Bella is real and not a strategy. Β 

Adekunle and Allysyn

Ebuka asked Allysyn what her relationship with Adekunle was and she said they were just friends. Ebuka further asked if Adekunle feels the same way for her and she said yes.

We can recall that Adekunle was the one who encouraged Hermes to take his chances with Allysyn. Allysyn further admitted that before she wasn’t sure of what she had with Adekunle but now, it is clear that they’re just friends.Β 

BBNaija Final Voting ResultsΒ 

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 3 Live Eviction - Full Detail

In the previous years, the voting board showed the names of nominees from the highest voted to the lowest voted. This year only the nominees with the last three low votes are shown and the lowest gets evicted. So let’s see how we voted last week.Β 

  • Groovy got 19.68% votes.Β 
  • Khalid got 10.72% votes Β 
  • Illebaye got 08.51% votes

The Eviction

Finally, Biggie has announced the Eviction of two housemates tonight from the Level Up house and it has been a sad moment.Β 

Illebaye was the first announced housemate to be evicted last night from the house and would greatly be missed. She was known for her spicy and quarrelsome Gen-Z attribute. She was the sure plug when you want a partner in crime as she will Level Up the vawulence when necessary.Β 

Though some viewers and housemates will miss the vibes she brings to the house, some will say β€œGood riddance to bad rubbish.” 

Sadly, Khalid was the next evicted housemate from the BBNaija house last night. Khalid was the definition of a strong competitor and opponent. He was one of the smartest and tenacious members of the Level 2 team. Β 

Despite his religious difference, he strived to be at peace with everyone at all times. He was liked by everyone in the house and in love with Danielle as he admitted he will greatly miss her.Β 

Danielle was definitely heartbroken as she was seen crying on her bed after their final goodbye hug.Β 

Unpopular opinion

Even if Danielle didn’t see her relationship with Khalid as a strategy, now that he is out of the picture, her head will be more in the game.Β 

The immunity of the team with the Head of House is actually not a good idea If the crown doesn’t reach both Levels fairly.Β 

Level 1 has won the Head of House thrice in 3 weeks and they are nominating the strong pillars of Level 2 for possible eviction.Β 

This has caused some Level 2 housemates like Amaka and Kess to hide whatever strength they possess. Hoping that they are not noticed and nominated for possible eviction soon.Β 

Groovy, Phyna and Bryann are currently the ones on the receiving end if a Level 1 housemate wins the Head of House again today.Β 

What is your take on this?Β 

Should the immunity strategy continue or it should be every man for himself?Β 

GW Team.

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