BBNaija Week 7 eviction – Level 3 Twist Explained

BBNaija Week 7 eviction

The BBNaija Week 7 eviction was another moment of tears for housemates as they will lose either one or more of their friends. Though before now, the nominated housemates had their Diary Session and spoke about who they thought would be leaving.

However, Chomzy was so confident that she won’t be leaving, unlike Doyin who already accepted her fate. Eloswag didn’t get his hopes too high as he believes anything can happen.

Ebuka Questions And Eviction

Ebuka as usual didn’t forget to shake tables as this time, he questioned Hermes. Hermes has said within the week that he won’t relate with Giddyfia, Rachel and Bryann outside the house and Ebuka asked his reason.

Hermes admitted that Giddyfia did something that betrayed loyalty and he can’t get over it. For Rachel, he admitted he didn’t know her too well so there’s no relationship between them.

Although he wasn’t specific with his reasons for Bryann, he admitted they had sorted it out. The next table Ebuka decided to shake was Bella and Sheggz’s table.

Ebuka pointed out that each time he turns on his TV, he’s always seeing Sheggz apologizing to her over one thing or the other. And sometimes, he’s calling her names like Stupid, Sick and a Fool.

Ebuka asked if that was their love language. Bella said that wasn’t their love language and that she like Sheggz a lot. At first, she debunked the name calling and later admitted he did it a couple of times and honestly apologizes.

Although, the Shella fans on Twitter had dragged Ebuka online for making fun of their fave by asking such a humiliating question.



BBNaija Week 7 eviction

The first Housemate to be evicted on Sunday was Doyin. Although she saw this coming, it was sad for the viewers because she was beginning to enjoy her stay in Biggie’s house.

In addition to her budding ship with Chizzy who we all believe was going to miss her dearly.



The second housemate to be evicted following Doyin was Eloswag. Although he doesn’t have a strong fan base, it was a thing of joy to see his mother plead for support for her son.

Eloswag and Bryann’s mom over the week has been trending as they solicited votes for their sons. But sadly, Eloswag’s vote wasn’t enough to keep him in the BBNaija house for another week.


BBNaija Week 7 eviction

Obviously, her Eviction came as a surprise to her because she has bragged about her fanbase and how many votes she will get.

Currently, Chomzy is the richest housemate because of her competitive spirit in winning the sponsored tasks. Although it hurts to see her leave, someone definitely had to leave.

Biggie’s Twist

We all know Biggie is full of surprises and the season 7 Level Up show has had its fair share of these surprises. Ebuka announced before the eviction that the Housemates who would be evicted will stay in the Level 3 house as Biggie’s guests.

However, the evicted and real housemates will be made to assume the eviction was fake and wasn’t valid. This is because the evicted Housemates will participate in every activity as other housemates.

Though they won’t be fighting for the 100million Naria grand prize, other activities are open for them. Activities like the sponsored task, diary sessions, wager tasks, games and even the Pool and Saturday Party.

These housemates will play guests to Biggie till the 18th of September at the least.

So Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy who were evicted on Sunday night will be in the previous Level 1 house, which will be known as the level 3 house now.

It is obvious they do not know their stance in Biggie’s house and what is expected of them as guests. However, Chomzy still believes they haven’t been evicted as long as they are still in Biggie’s house.

What do you think about Biggie’s Twist?

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