BBNaija Week 6 Summary – Breakups, Fights & Makeups Full Update

BBNaija Week 6 saw lots of activities ranging from gist and fun to fights and quarrels. We’d be bringing you highlights of those activities for updates.

First, we saw the eviction of Modella on Sunday and the Housemates breathe a sign of relief that they were safe. Shockingly after Dotun emerged as the Head of House, Biggie asked the housemates to nominate themselves for quick eviction.Β 

This was a big twist as no one saw this coming. Hastily, Housemates nominated each other and Amaka had the highest nomination. So on Monday, we all witnessed Amaka’s sudden eviction.Β 

Breakups and Makeups

In week 6 we experienced a lot of breakups and makeup from housemates who are and intend to be in a relationship.Β 

1. Bella and Sheggz

BBNaija Week 6 - Full Summary Update

Bella and Sheggz had their moments with Sheggz wearing Bella out with constant nagging. Sheggz has proven to be a dominant and controlling partner and it’s becoming disgusting to see.Β 

With parading himself as a London boy, to how he wants to marry Bella outside the house. The viewer has tagged them Mr/Mrs Ikoyi but it’s obvious Bella is dying inside and can’t speak out.Β 

2. Phyna and Groovy

BBNaija Week 6 Summary - Breakups, Fights & Makeups Full Update

We also saw Phyna and Groovy had a fallout apparently because of her alcohol intake. Groovy wasn’t happy about her behaviour when she drinks excessively and can’t control herself.Β 

However, they had a conversation about it and resolved their issues. They also had a heart-to-heart conversation about not dancing with Housemates of the opposite gender.Β 

A sweet part of their relationship was Groovy making food for Phyna and Phyna doing the same too. Their relationship is definitely a beautiful and mature one.Β 

3. Dotun and Danielle


We also had Dotun and Danielle’s relationship struggle due to what people will say or think. Danielle has concerned herself so much with people’s thoughts about her that she’s losing it.

She has spoken to every housemate seeking validation for her relationship with Dotun so she doesn’t hurt Khalid. It is obvious she loves him and Dotun has expressively told her he feels the same for her.

Though they had an amazing time together in the HoH bedroom, Danielle had admitted to Big Brother and other Housemates that she can’t be in a relationship with Dotun out of respect for Khalid.

4. Allysyn and Hermes

BBNaija Week 6 Summary - Breakups, Fights & Makeups Full Update

Allysyn also had her own fracas with Hermes within the week. We couldn’t tell if it was jealousy or an act to spice up their relationship.

Hermes expressed displeasure at her dancing with the other male Housemates when they should have been together. She also him that he was with other girls and it was cool. Though Hermes admitted he danced with other girls because she was with other guys.

These two haven’t clearly defined their relationship but we all see the chemistry. Allysyn has admitted she is scared she’ll lose him outside the house hence her reservation.


5. Chichi and Deji

BBNaija Week 6 - Full Summary Update

Chichi and Deji weren’t left out in this lovey-dovey ambience. She has officially walked her way into Deji’s heart these two have been cool and cosy together.

It was really a beautiful thing to see Chichi happy with a man she admires and they had no fight whatsoever.

6. Chizzy and Doyin


Chizzy and Doyin’s attachment was the icing on the cake last week. We can’t tell if they are an item but it felt good to see Doyin with someone.

She has always wanted to be with someone and get all the love she wants. Chizzy on the other hand is a great big brother and a lover with the way he handles her. He obviously loves all the flirting and gum body he’s been getting from Doyin.

Though they had a misunderstanding as Chizzy has said she was always in Bella and Sheggz’s business. She felt hurt because they were actually the ones who bring her into their mess. She demanded an apology from Chizzy and he apologized to her.

The Fights

One characteristic of the BBNaija house is that it is not complete without a fight. The fight is the part that shows that Housemates are active and engaged.Β 

We had all of that this week among the likes of Sheggz and Bella over stubbornness and disrespect, Hermes over food and nonchalance to winning the task, Eloswag and Chichi over the use of the bathroom, and Groovy and Deji fight over Phyna during the task.Β 

Though they all made up later, the make-up that thrilled the viewers is that of Deji and Groovy. They made up so fast like men and it was as though there was never a fight.Β 

Tasks And Events

We also had Events and tasks that got Housemates busy and rich. Some of these tasks included:Β 

β€’ The Airtel Task

β€’ Get pocket app Task

β€’ Quidax Global TaskΒ 

β€’ The Pepsi_Naija TaskΒ 

Fun Moments

One of the activities that the housemate graces our screen with is fun and party. The Thursday Pool Party was a beautiful one with all the pair-up and mushy actions.

We also saw the Saturday two-by-pair with loads of fun and excitement. Definitely, we can admit that Week 6 was fun-filled though we expect more in week 7. Β 

What did you enjoy in week 6?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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