BBNaija Week 6 Saturday party – Full Update

BBNaija Week 6 Saturday Party was a relief for housemates after the week’s stress. The DJs, crowdkontroller andΒ  MazeΒ &Β Mxtreme was at it as the set the house on fire with great beats.

The relationship also became the major concern of the Housemates in the past week as they all yearned for a partner. We saw these ships come alive during the previous Saturday parties and last night was no exception.

Chomzy and Eloswag

BBNaija Week 6 Saturday party - Full Update

These two housemates have been back and forth about their relationship and what it’s not. Eloswag broke up with Chomzy after the week 5 Saturday Party and yesterday they had an intimate dance session.

It is still unclear if the two are officially in a relationship, but their behaviour portrays that. She also teased him with a kiss a few times, and he fought to get one. Chomzy pulled away from him but he persisted and the dance went on graciously.

Deji and Chichi


The party hall was a kissing booth as Housemates were having a great kissing session. Chichi who hasn’t relented in showing her affection to Deji had their romantic session of a passionate kiss.

She danced with so much excitement that she almost fell at a point. She doesn’t seem to be the only one having fun as Deji also enjoyed her company.


Dotun and Danielle

BBNaija Week 6 Saturday party - Full Update

Another exceptional kiss was between Danielle and Dotun outside the House. They cuddled up on the couch in a romantic kiss, and Dotun looked like he just won a jackpot.

Although Daniella seemed a little high, so they two moved back to the Party Room where they continued their dance together. Their kiss came as a surprise to the viewers considering Daniella’s accusation of Dotun earlier.

While they were getting ready for the party in the HoH bedroom, Danielle called him a pervert. Dotun had tried to hold Daniella and she moved away from him and asked him to step away too.

Dotun stubbornly refused to step away and said, β€œThis is my room, and I can do whatever I want.”

Hermes and Allysyn


Despite Hermes and Allsysn being in an unstable relationship, they were each other’s dance partners by choice that night. Though they danced with other Housemates now and then, they still ended up with each other.

Doyin and Chizzy


It was a beautiful sight to see Doyin letting down her guard and having fun. Though she moved from dancing with Bryann to dancing with Chizzy. Chizzy swept her off her feet whilst they were dancing and it was obvious she enjoyed the attention.

This didn’t really come as a surprise as Doyin and Chizzy had been flirting all week. However, we are not certain there is hope for a ship due to Doyin’s perception about ships in the house.

She told Amaka before her Eviction that Housemates are only using the ship for intimacy purposes in the house. She also believed that no relationship in the house will survive outside the house hence her reservation.

But will she be able to stand by her words with the attention she has been giving and getting from Chizzy?

We also saw Phyna and Groovy, Bella and Sheggz, Giddyfia and Rachel, paired together. They obviously weren’t left out in the fun as they also had their moments during the party.

Do you think Chizzy and Doyin will get into a relationship soon?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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