BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Partyย – Season 7 Full Update

BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Party was actually an epic one and Biggie as usual didnโ€™t flop. The two DJs who were brought were so good as they gave the Housemates back-to-back jams.

Though Most of the Housemates drank In excess and were misbehaving in a funny way. The likes of Doyin and Rachel were seen dancing in an awkward and hilarious sight-to-behold party.

While the party was going on, other side attractions must have been happening. But we couldnโ€™t see all of that as usual because of the closed channel. A whole lot of pair dancing was seen as ships have been defined.

But some people like Doyin, Amaka, and Modella who had no pairs formed a girls’ group and weren’t left out in the fun. There were also some highlights during and after the Party.ย 

Dotun and Danielle

BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Partyย This two have grown close over time as Danielle was rocking Doyin on the dance floor. She has a low alcohol tolerance level and that was why Khalid was against her drinking beside the fact that his religion forbids it.

But Khalid has been evicted and she is finally with someone who she can be free with. Someone who allows her to be herself without restrictions or judgment unlike Khalid while he was in the house.

So during the Party, she drank till she was drunk and Dotun had to help her sit. After the party, she was crying on Dotun shoulders saying she is feeling bad as the viewers will start seeing her in a bad light.

She kept saying the fans will think she is cheap and slut shame her for jumping on another man. Dotun as usual kept debunking all her fears and tried to encourage her. He told her no would slut shame her and that sheโ€™s a great and amazing person.

He was being supportive and gave her all the motivation she needed to be fine. Moreover, it is less than two weeks since Khalidโ€™s eviction. Recall that Danielle on Friday night and on countless occasions had told Dotun that they canโ€™t have anything in the house.

She added that Khalid might be waiting for her outside the house because they had something strong. But at the same time, she keeps doing everything with and around him including sitting on his lap and sleeping on his bed.

Dotun as a gentleman had admitted he has feelings for her but will get over it. After their conversation on Saturday night, Dotun made her hot spicy noodles to ease the effect of the alcohol.ย 

Amaka and Giddyfia


Inasmuch as we canโ€™t explicitly say if these two are an item, itโ€™s obvious Giddyfia wants to play. He certainly doesnโ€™t want to commit to anyone in the house and he wants his freedom.

The altercation between him and Amaka was when he was dancing with Rachel. Amaka didnโ€™t know what to think because she thought she and Giddyfia had a defined relationship.

Rachel admitted that Giddyfia asked her out and theyโ€™re officially an item. But he had earlier told Amaka that he has nothing going on between him and Rachel or Diana.

Dianaโ€™s fight with Rachel last week was still because of his flirting with Rachel. Amaka had opened up to Diana about her feelings for Giddyfia and if she would be okay with it.

Diana asked her to give it a try but also advised her to take it slowly and apply wisdom. This was because Diana saw him as a playboy and wasnโ€™t someone that wants commitment. Now Amakaโ€™s fears and all the rumours about him seem to be playing out in front of her.ย 

After the party, Amakaโ€™s had a conversation with Diana. She had abused the Level 1 male Housemate and called them Fake and cheats. That provoked Giddyfia and he went to seek advice from Hermes and shared his plight with Adekunle.

Hermes advised him to go back to Diana and woo her back as she is his root. He finally confronted Amaka and told her to stop spreading false rumours against him and the Level 1 male Housemate.

He added that they werenโ€™t an item and she wonโ€™t like his reaction if the rumours repeat.


Chomzy and Eloswag

chomzyEloswag has gracefully served Chomzy hot breakfast in the middle of the night. After the party, Eloswag confidently told Chomzy that he wasnโ€™t Interested in a relationship with her again. His reason was that he wasnโ€™t getting back the vibes he was giving to her.

Eloswag who has been wooing Chomzy since week two was obviously fed up with her attitude. Chomzy on her part was thrown off balance as she wasnโ€™t expecting him to give up on his pursuit.

Before now, Eloswag had moved his properties from the HoH lounge he shared with her. Chomzy was broken and couldnโ€™t hide it as she cried all night.

Though In the early hours of yesterday, he went into the room to cuddle her. He apologized, wiped her tears, kissed her and held her to sleep.ย 

Hermes and Allysyn

BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Partyย - Season 7 Full Update

Obviously, this two have been back and forth about what they want as they had a fallout last week. Allysyn said she canโ€™t be with a man that already has two relationships outside.

But the beautiful story is that the party has a way of bringing them together. They were dancing and drinking in each otherโ€™s company all night. And they also had their first passionate kiss after the party.

Bryann and Modella

bryannIt is certain Bryann has had enough of Modella back and forth attitude toward him. He has been very expressive of his feelings for her and she has been putting him off. However, she gives off a green light that she wants him but wouldnโ€™t verbally admit it.

She talks about how she didnโ€™t come to the BBNaija house to start a ship and all that. During their conversation after the Party, Bryann asked her to tell him what she wants.

She claimed she needed to see a therapist about her mental health and all of that. Itโ€™s normal for Bryann to be tired and wants to move on.ย 

What part of the Party did you enjoy most?ย 

Letโ€™s know your thoughts in the comments section.ย 

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