BBNaija Week 5 Fake Eviction – Modella Evicted

BBNaija Week 5 Fake Eviction Sunday is the first fake eviction in the season 7 Level Up House. What this meant was that the real housemates will not be going home this Sunday.

However, a fake housemate will be evicted even without nomination on voting.

Biggie’s Secret Task

BBNaija Week 5 Fake Eviction - Modella EvictedBefore the eviction show, Biggie had had a Diary Session with Chizzy and Deji. He instructed them that on no account should they respond to Ebuka’s call. Ebuka would In any way ask the fake housemate to stand during the show.

Though the pattern to be used wasn’t explained but on no account were they to respond. And the response doesn’t just mean to stand but also to give any noticeable reaction.

This task sounded easy for Chizzy who was a rider but we weren’t sure about Deji who is outrightly a fake housemate. Rachel and Modella as the other fake female Housemates weren’t given this task too.

The punishment for anyone of them who defaulted was immediate eviction from the house. And Chizzy took this opportunity to tell Biggie about his next strategy in the house.

Ebuka’s Table Breaking Moments

This is the first Eviction show after the merger and Ebuka as usual has started with his table-breaking questions.


chomzyEbuka started off by congratulating Chomzy for winning the Head of House and all her deeds. He further asked about the rumour that was flying around and if it was resolved.

Chomzy changed the narrative of Bella being the rumour bearer to Amaka. She said that Amaka was the one who started spreading the rumour and bailed on her after she told Groovy. We can’t say if it was out of her loyalty to Sheggz and Bella or out of fear.Β 

Dotun and Danielle

danielleEbuka moved on to Dotun and asked him about his relationship with Danielle. He admitted that he liked her and would want to have something with her outside the house. He was blushing all through and Danielle was smiling too.Β 

Giddyfia and Rachel

giddyfiaEbuka went on to ask Giddyfia if he had ironed out his difference with Diana. Giddyfia stated that Diana hasn’t been giving him a listening ear each time he approached her.

That he’s been trying to work things out with her for a while now. When he was asked about Amaka, he said he had cleared the misconception she had and they have an understanding.

However, about Rachel, he beats the bush about them being just cool friends. He admitted they were a bit intimate during the party but it was not serious. We all anticipated Ebuka to probe about the bathroom moment they had before the party but he didn’t.

Moving on to Rachel, Ebuka asked the same question and she also said they were friends. Ebuka asked if she thinks Giddyfia has feelings for her and she said Yes.Β 

Deji and Chichi

BBNaija Week 5 Fake Eviction - Modella EvictedThe baton got to Chichi as Ebuka asked her about her relationship with Deji. She ascertains that they have a thing going on between them and it is serious.

Ebuka doesn’t see it the same as it always appears like Chichi was throwing herself on Deji. Deji has visibly withdrawn from Chichi after the fight with Diana and because she’s too attention-seeking.

She didn’t believe it and asked Ebuka to ask Deji and hear from the horse’s mouth. Ebuka of course didn’t do that because that would be a lot of revelation and heartbreak.


Phyna and Groovy

phyna and groovyEbuka asked Phyna how she moved from advising Beauty that Groovy didn’t deserve her to being in Groovy’s bed. Phyna smartly answered that whatever advice she gave to Beauty was built on what she told her about Groovy.


Phyna saw how Beauty’s relationship with Groovy was draining and breaking her and it was honestly exhausting. She advised her that no man is deserving of all the stress she was putting herself through.

And Beauty was too emotional and couldn’t handle Groovy and but she believes she is and can handle him well. Ebuka further asked her If Groovy was a second option seeing that Eloswag rejected her.

She quickly responded that that was no rejection as they both had a mutual understanding and feelings.Β 

Official Eviction

BBNaija Week 5 Fake Eviction - Modella EvictedTonight, the fake housemate that was evicted from the house was Modella. Though we expected a dense twist and drama from Ebuka, he left us with little to nothing.Β 

He started by announcing that they have been living with a fake housemate all this while. He further hinted that the housemate was a female.

Then as boring as it can be, he announced Modella as the housemates to be evicted. We couldn’t tell if it was this bland because she was a fake housemate or because Ebuka wasn’t in the mood yesterday.

Are you happy that Modella was evicted?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section.Β 

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