BBNaija Week 4 Saturday Party – Diana & Racheal Fight For Giddy

BBNaija Week 4 Saturday party as usual came with its own fun moment and vawulence. This Saturday, Giddyfia was the centre of the attraction as he had three ladies fighting over him.Β 

Diana, Rachel and Amaka are the three ladies in a love square with Giddyfia. However, Giddyfia seems undisturbed about what was going on as he kept vibing to the party. Β 

Diana and Rachel

BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Party - Diana And Racheal Fight Over Giddyfia

Diana has returned from the bathroom to find Giddyfia pinning Rachel to the wall and having a conversation.Β The compromising situation left little or nothing for her to imagine so she got angry. She charged at Rachel, raining abuses on her and calling her provoking names such as Ashawo.Β 

The housemates tried pacifying the situation and trying to know what actually was the matter. Diana explained that Rachel has been everywhere flirting with her man after she had made it open that she was close to Giddyfia.Β 

The housemate recalled Diana not being straight with her stand and relationship with Giddyfia so concluded she has no claim on him. Giddyfia was seen, on the other hand, having fun and vibing to the party.Β 

Rachel aired her mind that on Sunday, Giddyfia will have to make a stand on who he wants to be with. She added that she didn’t come to the house because of a man, but to win the 100million grand prize. Β 

Amaka and Giddyfia

BBNaija Week 5 Saturday Party

Amaka wasn’t aside in the juice of the Saturday party. Before the Level split, Amaka and Giddyfia had bonded fast and almost had a thing.Β 

Giddyfia has admitted to having feelings for Amaka but the Level split didn’t allow that ship to start. And Amaka on the other hand hasn’t been in a ship and was tired of having everyone rub their ship in her face.Β 

First, it was Danielle and Khalid, now Phyna and Groovy. She decided to shoot her shot at Giddyfia and know where she stood with him. She apparently was following him everywhere, trying to get his attention and letting out her mind but it wasn’t working.Β 

Giddyfia was everywhere and she almost gave up especially after seeing the fight between Diana and Rachel. It was at this point that Chichi dragged her to the corner and motivated her.Β 

Amaka expressed her fears with Diana in the picture as she didn’t want to be a ship wreaker. Chichi encouraged her that Giddyfia is not in a ship and that she should go for him and not care about anyone. Amaka took Chichi’s advice and was able to get an audience with Giddyfia.Β 

She asked him about his relationship and all the fight and he said he was single and not involved with anyone. In his words, he said, β€œYou have nothing to worry about baby girl.” A few minutes later the Duo was cuddled up in a dance.Β 

Do you think Giddyfia is a playboy and flirting with the ladies is his strategy?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 

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