BBNaija Season 7 Fun Moments – All The Controversies So Far

BBNaija Season 7 Fun Moments - All The Controversies So Far

BBNaija season 7 came with a lot of fun moments and many have been noticed in Big Brother’s house so far. Housemates seize every slight chance they get to have some fun and create interesting moments. It could be in their different Level houses, at the pool or in the garden.

The garden has been their best place so far in the Big Brother House. Some of these moments are serious for some persons, some for an assignment, while some are just for fun.

Deji’s Secret Task

Deji has set out to execute the secret task given to him by Biggie during his diary session. Deji went with Doyin into the bedroom where he tried to convince her that he wants to leave.

He started by nagging about their fellow Housemates’ rowdiness and told Doyin that he wanted to swap to Level 2.

He claimed that he is used to living alone even though he is from a polygamous family. In his words, he said β€œI’ve grown uncomfortable in Level 1 and could do with a change of scenery. The fights, and being in everyone’s face the whole time, is taking a toll on me and I would prefer to be in Level 2.”

Doyin tried talking him out of it by telling him how worse the Level 2 house is. Amaka had confided in Doyin about wanting to swap to Level 1 because her Level 2 Housemates were constantly fighting. She further told Deji to ask Biggie for a swap but warned him against being ungrateful.

β€œYou have to find a way to make the most of being in Level 1 because you are not guaranteed a better experience in Level 2”. Doyin said.Β 

Doyin has been seen lately to hang around Deji and it seems she’s hurt he wants to swap. Deji chose to tell Doyin first because he knows she will definitely tell the other housemates.

Though Doyin must have thought he told her because he feels something for her and felt he can share his burdens with her.Β Doyin is a selfless person and cares a lot about her housemates but isn’t on a ship with anyoneΒ 

Kess’s proposal to Modella

Also, the level two housemate hasn’t been left behind in the fun. During one of their time in the kitchen, Kess who was the only married man this year made a shocking statement.

He said he is from a polygamous family and would love to take Modella as a second wife. Modella took it seriously and reprimanded him for his statement and reminded him of his Marital vows.

Kess pushed on and it appeared he was serious as he tried making Modella see that her family will love him when he comes to see them. Daniella who joined the conversation also rebuked Kess reminding him that he is a married man.

This is the first time Kess is actually being naughty in the house as he has respected himself and marriage and avoided all the love triangles going on in Level 2.


Garden Friendship bonding time

The Level 1 Housemates also maximized their time in the Garden by talking about funny and interesting events that happened in their past.

Chomzy while braiding Rachel’s hair, told Chichi about a hair-raising situation that her friend went through in Lagos and advised Chichi about men.

While otherΒ  Level 1 Housemates spent their time in the garden singing and dancing, Bella and Sheggz resorted to cuddling. Their garden time came to an end as Biggie called them back into the House and they rushed off to cook.Β 

Who do you think Doyin loves Deji?Β Was Kess serious about marrying Modella?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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