BBNaija Season 7 First Fake Eviction Nomination – Full Gist

BBNaija First Fake Eviction Nomination - Full Gist

BBNaija Season 7 First fake eviction nomination was also the first individual nomination in Season 7.Β The housemates have no idea that no voting will hold as no one will be evicted this Sunday.

This fake nomination was in a bid to punish the housemates and push them beyond their comfort zone. Biggie noticed they were all too relaxed and lazy so he announced that they were all up for eviction.

This was unlike the previous week when the HoH get to nominate housemates for possible eviction. He allowed everyone to nominate at least two fellow housemates for eviction.

One funny diary session was with Chichi who kept acting weird and childish. She kept nagging that she isn’t ready to nominate as she doesn’t have anyone in mind.

It was kind of annoying to see especially after the alterations she had with Diana. She kept giving us the impression that there was more to her attitude especially since she didn’t get a strike after the fight.Β 

How They NominatedΒ 

β€’ Bryann nominated Chichi and AdekunleΒ 

β€’ Doyin nominated Hermes and RachelΒ 

β€’ Eloswag nominated Doyin and AmakaΒ 

β€’ Diana nominated Chichi and SheggzΒ 

β€’ Rachel nominated Doyin and SheggzΒ 

β€’ Chichi nominatedΒ  Allysyn and AdekunleΒ 

β€’ Groovy nominated Adekunle and DoyinΒ 

β€’ Daniella nominated Hermes and ChichiΒ 

β€’ Bella nominated Hermes and AmakaΒ 

β€’ Adekunle nominated Sheggz and BellaΒ 

β€’ Hermes nominated Chichi and DoyinΒ 

β€’ Sheggz nominated Adekunle and RachelΒ 

β€’ Amaka nominated Adekunle and ChichiΒ 

β€’ Phyna nominated Adekunle and Chichi

β€’ Allysyn nominated Chichi and RachelΒ 

β€’ Modella nominated Hermes and AmakaΒ 

β€’ Chizzy nominated Bella and SheggzΒ 

β€’ Dotun nominated Adekunle and RachelΒ 

β€’ Giddyfia nominated Doyin and ChichiΒ 

β€’ Deji nominated Diana and Doyin

β€’ Chomzy nominated Giddyfia and Amaka


Final ResultΒ 

After the nominations, Biggie called out all the Housemates to assemble in the Lounge for their results to be read out. He explained that Chomzy and Eloswag who are the Head of House and Partner respectively are immune from eviction.

This was obvious as no one nominated them during their Diary session. The first three Housemates with the highest vote for eviction were:

Adekunle withΒ  7 votesΒ 

Chichi with 7 votesΒ 

Doyin with 6 votesΒ 

Do you think this information will influence the activities of the housemates?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts In the comment section.Β 

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