BBNaija Season 7: Chichi Gets A Strong Warning From Biggie

BBNaija Seasaon 7: Chichi Gets A Strong Warning From Biggie

BBNaija Season 7 Chichi gets a strong warning from Biggie last night after the nomination result was called out. The warning was for her attitude towards Diana that almost resulted in a serious fight.Β 

While the housemates were still in the lounge, a video of Chichi’s alterations with Diana was played. At the end of the video, the Housemates were addressed about resolving conflicts and emotion management.

The rule book was read again and Chichi’s fault was outlined. At the end of the reading, Chichi got a stern and serious warning from Biggie.Β This wasn’t the first time Chichi had an altercation with a fellow housemate.Β 

First Instance

The first time Chichi had an outburst was with Illebaye and that time she wasn’t at fault. Illebaye had pushed her away to dance with Groovy. So she justified herself by pushing Illebaye too and having Groovy againΒ 

Second Instance

When Deji was swapped to the Level 2 house on Friday, Adekunle tried hugging her to console her. However, her relationship with Deji wasn’t defined but Adekunle felt she has a thing for him.

So it was natural that she will feel broken when he leaves. His kind gesture wasn’t accepted as sternly asked him to stay away from her.

Once during their games, Adekunle had said their ship would sink so she found his action sarcastic. It almost led to a quarrel as her actions were disrespectful and offensive.


Third Instance

And now we have the altercation between her and Diana. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back as everyone was expecting a strike from Biggie.

We can’t tell if she’s doing all these for attention or if she is genuinely interested in Deji and is fighting for him. Β 

Beauty wasn’t as extreme as this yet she got disqualified. I still believe Chichi deserves a strike, not a warning unless there’s something we don’t know.Β 

Do you Chichi’s warning is fair or does she deserves a strike?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 


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