BBNaija Phyna Emerges Week 8 Head of House

Phyna Emerges Week 8 Head of House

BBNaija Phyna emerges week 8 Head of House, second female HoH and first from the former Level 2 house. Prior to now, the housemates were divided into two Levels. Any Level to produce the HoH won immunity for the members of that level.

So before and after the merge, we have seen the eviction of 9 Level 2 housemates as level one housemates have been bagging the title.

Also, they have been no record of any former Level 2 housemate sitting as the HoH, so Phyna’s win was a jinx breaker.

Sheggz was finally permitted to participate in the HoH game today after he had served as Tail of House for 2 weeks. Unlike Hermes who is the incumbent Head of House so he wouldn’t be able to participate in the HoH game.

First Task

As usual, the housemates were divided into male and female categories and would be competing separately. The first task was to throw a tennis ball and knock off as many bottles as possible in two minutes.

The ladies went first and Phyna successfully knocked down eight of her bottles and the same for Adekunle in the male category.

Finally, we had Phyna and Danielle as winners from the female category and Adekunle and Sheggz from the male. Chichi and Chizzy were disqualified from the game because they broke the rules of not standing behind the faux grass.


Second Task

Moving this second phase were Phyna, Adekunle, Danielle and Sheggz. The second task was the straight-arm challenge. The task require that they poured water into their mouth and pour it out into a measuring cup.

They all wore a plastic covering to prevent them from getting wet while carrying out the task. Although they all exhausted their cups, Phyna had more water in her measuring cup.

Biggie officially announced Phyna the Head of House for week 8 as she screamed out in excitement. It was a big relief for her as she was immune from eviction after surviving 7 eviction nominations.

She was entitled to the HoH bedroom and choose her lover Groovy to be with her after Adekunle jokingly asked her to choose him.

Groovy affirmed to staying with Phyna, his in-house lover in the HoH lounge even though it didn’t give him immunity.

Will Phyna do a good job as the Head of House?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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