BBnaija News Today: Adekunle Emerges the Third Head of House

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On BBnaija News Today we will be shining our light on Season 7 of the BBNaija Level Up, which has just started and is in its third week.Β This year’s winner will go home with the grand prize of 100 million naira.

This Year, the house setting allowed for two different apartments. The Multicolored House and the Black and White House. Β 

A total number of 25 housemates joined the BBNaija Tv show. But currently, 22 housemates are left after the eviction of Christy O and Cyph and the disqualification of Beauty and Rachel and Chizz were added over the weekend as riders.Β 

Every Monday, housemates would be asked to carry out assignments or simple tasks. The final winner of the task is crowned the Head of House (HOH).Β 

Hermes, a Level 1 housemate was the Head of House last week and nominated 5 Level 2 housemates; Christy O, Cyph, Amaka, Phyna, and Khalid for possible eviction.Β 

The Task For Head of House

To emerge the next Head of House, all the housemates were asked to carry out a task. Hermes was not allowed to participate in the task as he was the Head of House last week.Β Rachel and Chizz were also exempted from participating in the game.Β 

The First Game

For the first game, the housemates were instructed to transfer beads from one table to another, using a spoon. Given a specific pattern, they were also asked to make a necklace using beads and a wire.

The buzzer sound brought the game to an end and the housemates with the highest number of beads moved on to the next stage of the game.Β 

First Round Winners Selection

Hermes, Rachel and Chizz were the judges as they assisted Biggie in assessing the final works of the housemates.Β Modella and Sheggz were disqualified in the first round for not following the game instructions.Β 

Closely looking at the beads of the top six housemates, Biggie announced Khalid, Adekunle, and PharmSavi, as winners meaning they qualified for the second and last round of the game.


The Second Game

In this round, the game was a little more tasking.Β The initial winners were asked to move balls through a pipe standing at a distance and they were expected to move the ball simultaneously within two minutes.

The pipes had a mark that indicates the points a housemate gets when a ball is rolled into it.Β The points have the easiest level which has the lowest points and the hardest level with the highest point.Β 

Anyone with the highest point automatically becomes the winner and they were permitted to pick a fallen ball but can only move the ball into the pipe from behind the table.Β 

At the sound of the buzzer after two minutes, the game ended and contesters were asked to personally count their points, one ball at a time.Β 

Second Round Winners Selection

Adekunle had 25 points, topping Khalid and Pharmsavi with two points as they had 23 points each.Β This result officially made Adekunle, a Level 1 housemate the Head of House for the third week.Β 

Benefits of Adekunle Being the Head of House

As a Level 1 housemate, Adekunle’s emergence as the new HoH would benefit him and his Level 1 housemates. Some of these benefits include:Β 

● The swapping of houses between the housemates. Level 1 moved to the Multicolored House and Level 2 housemates to the Black and White House but they still maintained their level.Β 

● No Level 1 housemates can be nominated for eviction.Β 

● The Level 1 housemates can decide along with the Head of House, who should be nominated for possible eviction.Β 

Eviction Decision of The Head of House

As the culture is, Adekunle was given 30 minutes to meticulously decide and select who he’d nominate for possible eviction this Sunday. He couldn’t do it alone so he resorted to deliberating with his fellow housemate.

After deliberating with his Level 1 housemates, Adekunle finally decided.Β He listed Khalid, Ilebaye, Phyna, Bryann, and Groovy for eviction possible eviction on Sunday.Β 

Reason for His Nomination

When asked why he chose the housemates Adekunle had this to say:

Khalid has always been a strong opponent during the games, hence why he was listed.


Ilebaye was listed because of complaints about her attitude towards the Level 1 housemates during a Saturday night party.


Phyna was listed because she is seen as a strong anchor of the Level 2 house, and if she’s evicted, the team will likely weaken.Β 


Bryann is a strategic game player and is seen as a huge threat. So if he is evicted, it is one threat down.


Groovy has a strong personality and that also makes him a potential threat.


On Sunday, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted from the Big Brother house. So now, it is up to fans of the nominated housemates to vote and keep their favourite housemate in the house.Β 

Voting closes by 9 pm every Thursday, and you can vote for your favourite housemate on the following platform.Β 

  • Africa Magic website, mobile siteΒ 
  • DStv
  • GOtv apps.

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