BBNaija Level Up Third Saturday Party – Groovy & Phyna Drama

bbnaija saturday Party

BBnaija Saturday Party Drama: Though Saturday party in the BBNaija house is usually the icebreaker after a tedious week of tasks and games. A period for fun and stress relief, and also a period for lots of drama, fights, bonding and reconciliation.Β 

It was after a party like this two weeks ago that Beauty got disqualified because she couldn’t contain her emotions.

Don’t forget this Saturday’s party theme was “Orijinal Ankara Party” so all the housemates were expected to dress in native attires. The party was proudly supported by the Orijin brand to celebrate the true African Essence through Music, Dance and Fashion.

Let’s look at the drama one after the other as they unfold.

First Drama

Groovy asked Chi-Chi to dance with him yesterday and while they were dancing, Illebaye came in and pushed Chichi away that Chichi almost fell. Illebaye pretended not to notice and went on to dance with Groovy as that was her intention.Β 

Chichi who got angered by her action, went outside the party hall and spoke to Chiomzy and Bryann about what just happened. In the heat of her anger called Illebaye a low life. Illebaye brought in Phyna to dance with Groovy too and Chichi felt it was a gang-up.Β 

Chichi came back to the party hall after she had collected herself and pushed Illebaye away and continued her dance with Groovy.Β 

It was a good thing she actually took her time to chill and not react in the heat of the anger because she would have incurred Biggie’s wrath. And just like Beauty, might be qualified if she was physically violent and abused Illebaye.Β 

Aftermath: Consequence and Reconciliation

After the drama, Illebaye was seen outside apologizing to Chichi explaining that her action wasn’t intentional and she didn’t mean to fall her down. They resolved and settled the misunderstanding but Illebaye still felt hurt that Chichi called her a low life.Β 

Chichi admitted to Bryann that she felt humiliated and embarrassed by what happened. Her anger was mainly on Groovy for not saying anything or standing up for her when all of that was going on despite the fact that he was the one who asked her for a dance. She further asked Groovy what he took her for or thinks of her.Β 

Groovy on the other hand was seen a moment later explaining to Danielle how overwhelmed he was with the whole drama that night. He admitted to being scared and doesn’t want what happened in his relationship with Beauty to happen again with Phyna.Β 

Groovy further admitted to loving Beauty and Phyna but the person he really wants something serious with even outside the BBNaija house is Chiomzy.Β 

Groovy said he wasn’t Interested in what any housemate thought about him as his concern is with how the viewers see him. He doesn’t want to be seen as the fine boy that goes around knocking girls’ heads against each other.Β  Especially when the girls were the ones at fault for fighting over him.

Danielle opened up to Groovy that Phyna had already expressed her disappointment in him with the way he goes about dancing with all the girls. Phyna has also in her words said β€œAshawo dey your eye” in reference to Groovy.Β 

Groovy was surprised that Phyna could say that about him knowing the kind of relationship they both have.


Second Drama

After what happened between Phyna and Chichi and Groovy, Phyna found her way back to Eloswag who was her old-time crush. She hoped they could start off from where they stopped if they actually had a thing. We can’t tell if she went back due to Groovy rejection or because she really felt something for Eloswag. Β 

But was obvious Eloswag has gotten over what it is he had for and with Phyna as he has been on Chiomzy’s matter for a week now.

Eloswag who has been professing love to Chiomzy since last week is hoping the odds will be in his favour though he has not been given a definite answer yet. Β 

While Phyna was seen all over him, pinning him to the wall in a compromising manner, Eloswag detached himself from her when he saw Chiomzy coming. He had to leave because if Chiomzy had met them in that position, he might likely lose any chance he would have stood with her.Β 

Third Drama

BBNaija Level Up Third Saturday Party 2022 - Gistwurld

Hermes grooved with Allysyn in the party as Adekunle had sailed the ship he almost had with her.Β Adekunle encouraged Hermes to take things up again with Allysyn and shoot his shot as the coast was clear.Β 

Hermes actually had his eyes on Allysyn first in their first week into the house and made a move. She turned him down, telling him she wasn’t open to an emotional entanglement. Hermes brought the topic up at the party again to see her response and she was already gravitating toward him.Β 

Fourth Drama

This is one of the most confusing dramas yesterday as the main reason for this drama wasn’t known. Bella locked herself up in the toilet and Sheggz went about searching the house trying to find her. He found her in the toilet and asked what was wrong with her and why she was in the toilet. Β 

Bella warns him never to touch her again or call her baby but should address her by her name. We later learnt the reason for her anger and it was justified. Sheggz called her β€œOde, stupid and idiot” In front of everyone and didn’t tell her what she did wrong.

Bella went further to say she wasn’t Doyin that Sheggz can talk to anyhow he wants. Immediately Sheggz clapped back that he wasn’t one of those broke guys she dated outside the house. Wow, that was a strongly erected Level Up vawulence.Β 

Aftermath: Reconciliation

Bella burst into tears and Sheggz was seen apologizing and consoling her. Though they reconciled that night and hugged even when he refused to tell her why he called her names. And when they woke up, Sheggz still apologized for what happened yesterday and for trying to end their relationship.

He said sweet things about her but carefully avoided the part that would make him explain why he called her names. Bella didn’t talk about it again as it seems she had gotten over it after a good night’s rest.

Viewers have complained that this two have the most complicated and confusing relationship. What is your take on that?

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