BBNaija 2022 Level 1 Housemates cruise And Have Fun

bbnaija level 1 housemates cruise

BBNaija Level 1 housemates cruise is something we can not keep mute about. The housemates had fun playing a little game while the Level 2 Housemates were enjoying their Pool Party.

The cruise was started by Adekunle and Chomzy, hosted by Sheggz and Chichi and involved the housemates answering questions.Β 

They made a paper mic and placed it before a housemate who is to answer a fun question. The zenith of the cruise was when it wasΒ  Doyin and Chomzy turn for the mic.Β  They were asked questions that almost threw them off balance. Β 

Doyin’s TurnΒ 

Chichi was quick to ask Doyin about her relationship with the guys in the house as soon as the mic got to her. She asked Doyin why she wasn’t stable and has been gallivanting from right to left after the guys.

Doyin denied it saying she had only had feelings for Cyph and no one else in the house. She stated that her relationship with other guys in the house is pure friendship.

Then, Rachel, Chichi and Chomzy questioned her about all her therapy sessions. And why a guy is always involved and not the ladies. Immediately, Bella jumped in with an accusation saying Doyin had told her before now that she could only have a therapy session with Sheggz and not her.

Everyone burst into laughter and started screaming at Bella’s accusation.


Chomzy’s TurnΒ 

The next to get the mic was Chomzy who has been dishing out questions and vawulence all along.Β Β Chichi as usual took charge of the interview and asked Dotun when he realized Chomzy was not the one for him.

Dotun said it was after the second day of trying to ask her out. Chomzy quickly replied, saying Dotun really wants her but he was throwing shade because she turned him down.

Dotun fired back that Chomzy never said “No” to him but did exactly what she’s currently doing to Eloswag. He revealed that as a Casanova and knows the moves when he thinks someone’s pulling one on him.

Hermes who was standing beside Dotun joined the conversation and narrated his own experience with Chomzy. He said he was assertive with her because the first time she said No but was consistent.

Chomzy refuted Hermes’s statement saying she gave him a direct No because he was inconsistent. Both Chiomzy and Hermes denied each other statements but Hermes still stood by his words. Β 

As the cruise ended, Chomzy went to Eloswag to complain about what Dotun said to her and how she was hurt by it. Recall that Eloswag has been professing Love to Chiomzy for a while now and she hasn’t given him a direct reply.Β 

What is your take on the BBNaija level 1 housemates cruise party? Do you think what Dotun said gave Eloswag a rethink? Do you think Chiomzy is scared to lose her chances with Eloswag?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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