Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Level 1 Diary Sessions – Day 25

big brother naija level 1 diary sessions

Big Brother Naija Level 1 Diary Sessions: The BBNaija Diary Sessions for me are literally the most interesting part of the BBNaija show. This is because the true intentions and nature of these housemates are known here. Biggie had four major questions to ask the housemates during their Diary Session with him on Monday.

First was their thought about what Afrofuturism meant, Second was their thoughts about Khalid and Ilebaye’s Eviction, Third was the housemates they would love to send to the Level 2 house and lastly was who they’ll select for a fake eviction on Sunday.

1. Sheggz

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Level 1 Diary Sessions – Day 25

Sheggz was called up first into the Diary room. Biggie asked him about the future of Africa, and he responded that Africa is already a strong and blessed continent though he felt it is being exploited, especially in Nigeria.

He reveals that he feels blessed to be in the Level 1 house as far as the HoH Games were concerned. When Biggie asked him which of his Level mate he would send to Level 2, he chose Deji and Rachel.

He thinks Deji doesn’t like it in the Level 1 house and he thinks Rachel is new and hasn’t bonded that much. He also chooses Rachel for eviction if there is to be any surprise Level 1 Eviction this Sunday.Β 

2. Dotun

big brother naija level 1 diary sessions

Dotun was next after Sheggz and was asked the same question, what Afrofuturism was? He explained that he understands Afrofuturism to be a blend of African cultures with a touch of technology that will exist in the future.

When he was asked about Level 1’s Wager Task preparations, he said they were doing their best to make sure they won this week. Dotun told Biggie that if he were to choose two Housemates to go into Level 2, he would pick Hermes and either Doyin or Chichi.Β 

3. Giddyfia

big brother naija level 1 diary sessions

For Giddyfia, Afrofuturism is bringing African roots or culture into the future to solve problems. Biggie further asked him where he saw Africa in 100 years, and he said he feels Africa will shock the world.

He also shared with Biggie that he was glad his Level won the HoH Games but added that Hermes was feeling disrespected as the Head of House. Giddyfia choose Doyin and Dotun as housemates he’d want to move to the Level 2 house.

His reasons are because Doyin once spoke about wanting to move to the Level 2 house and she talks about them a lot. And Dotun is a responsible guy and he believes he would shine in the Level 2 house.

4. Chichi


Chichi admitted to not knowing much about Afrofuturism when she was asked. However, she feels Africa will be a great continent in the next 100 years. As for the Wager task, she said her fellow Housemates have jotted down several ideas for the Task.

When Big Brother asked her about Ilebaye and Khalid’s Eviction, she said Khalid’s eviction came like a shock to her as she didn’t expect him to be evicted.

She picked Doyin and Dotun as the Housemates she would love to send to Level 2 and also picked Doyin for surprise Eviction this Sunday.Β 

5. Allysyn


Allysyn described Afrofuturism as the use of technology for the future. She said that their Task preparation is going well and they have a few ideas they are working on presently.

When asked about her stay in Level 1, and how she felt about being on the winning team, she admitted to feeling bad for Level 2.

Biggie further asked how she felt about Khalid’s eviction and said she was surprised because he was a strong Housemate, which was why he was nominated, but she didn’t expect him to get a low vote. β€œI was sad for my friend Daniella as well,” Allysyn said.Β 

6. Hermes


Hermes explained Afrofuturism as a means Where the future can be made better for Africans with the use of technology. β€œIt would be an improved way of life for the people by the people,” Hermes said.

Hermes confessed to not being confident about the Weekly Wager Task because his fellow Housemates are too complacent.Β He further expressed his observation of the housemates when it comes to working as a team.

He pointed out that Bella, Chichi and Chomzy do not help in actualizing the ideas of the team but praised Dotun’s effort.

Also, he said Khalid’s Eviction was hard to accept since he was a strong Level 2 housemate and Illebaye was the life of the party since the Level Up show started. He picked Chichi for the fake Sunday eviction because she isn’t really contributing.

7. Adekunle

BBNaija Adekunle- GistWurld.com

Adekunle defined Afrofuturism as the use of technology to make Africa the motherland for the whole world. Also, he admitted to being happy that Level 1 won the Head of House Games and was ready for eviction if they lost.

He added that Khalid’s Eviction shocked him as he was a strong housemate but wasn’t shocked by Ilebaye’s Eviction. Without any hesitation, Adekunle chooses Bella and Sheggz as housemates he wants to send to the Level 2 house.

He added that they’re inseparable and moving them would ease the house of some tension.Β 

8. Doyin

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Level 1 Diary Sessions – Day 25

Doyin gave her best in attempting the question that Afrofuturism is using technology to answer Africa’s problems in the future. β€œAfrica will be more advanced than America in 100 years and it will be beautiful,” she said when she was asked where she saw Africa in 100 years.

She admitted that the Wager Task preparations aren’t going well but will be resolved with time. She expressed her joy in her Level winning the HoH title four times and feels bad for Level 2.

However, she feels the Level 1 Housemates are becoming cocky. Doyin expressed her shock at Khalid’s eviction as she saw him as a strong contender.Β 

9. Diana


Diana’s diary session got everyone cracking up as she had told Biggie to get salt from the market for them. This was literally the funniest Diary session so far in Season 7.

She defined Afrofuturism as a concept that would aid Africa’s development to international standards using technology.

She was sad that Level 2 keeps losing the HoH task and would gladly send Sheggz and Bella to the Level 2 House if she had to choose.Β 

10. Deji

big brother naija level 1 diary sessions

Deji explained Afrofuturism as the technology that will be used in the future for the betterment of Africa. He aired his concerns over the fact that he might be leaving the house soon as a fake housemate. And that is why he wants to put his all into the Wager Task.

Not only because he is a strong competitor but because he wants to leave a mark in the Game. He is happy that Level 1 has been winning the HoH games and aims for the title as well.

Deji wasn’t surprised by Ilebaye’s eviction but he was shocked by Khalid’s. He added that Khalid was a strong Housemate and that his Evictions shook things up a little in Level 1.Β 

11. Chomzy

big brother naija level 1 diary sessions

Chomzy honestly admitted to not knowing what Afrofuturism meant but said she sees Africa taking over in 100 years. Although she feels their wins were by grace, she is relieved to be immune.Β 

However, Chomzy said last week’s eviction got to her and affected her game on Monday since Ilebaye was her friend. She admitted to not knowing she was up for Eviction until the Saturday Night Party.

Chomzy didn’t have a relationship with Khalid so she wasn’t bothered about his eviction.Β 

Who’s diary session did you enjoy the most? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 

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