BBNaija Hermes re-emerges as Head of House – Week 7 Update

Hermes emerged as Head of House - Week 7 Full Update

Hermes re-emerges as Head of House again for the second time since the beginning of the show. He is the second housemate to bag the HoH title twice after Eloswag. And as usual, this title has earned him immunity against eviction on Sunday.

For the game, the housemates were separated into male and female with two top contenders going for the final round.

First Task

The housemates were given a makeshift fishing pole and a magic hook to catch as many fishes as they can from an imaginary pond. The Housemates were asked to catch as many fishes as they could with the hook.

The task was quite a difficult one but they tried their Best. However, At the ring of the buzzer, we had our top four. From the female category, we had Chichi and Chomzy.

And from the male category, we had Adekunle and Hermes. These were the four Housemates who qualified for the next round.


Second Task

The second task wasn’t different from the first one but there was a slight difference. This time the winner will have to find a specific fish with the Head of House written on the side.

The Housemate who successfully caught this fish will emerge as the week 7 head of House. Finally, with lots of diligence, Hermes caught the lucky fish.

Unlike Hermes who usually put up a dramatic attitude after his wins, he was surprisingly calm. Bigger congratulated him and officially announced him as the Head of House.

However, he was asked to pick a Partner who would stay with him in his HoH lounge. Obviously, we all know he was going to pick his in-house lover, Allysyn.

Tail of House

Biggie expressed satisfaction over Allysyn’s performance as the tail of House. However, he also expressed disapproval over how Sheggz was not concerned about his punishment.

Sheggz wasn’t allowed to participate in the Head of House challenge as Tail of House. Therefore Sheggz will continue as the Tail of House this week but with a different punishment.

The Ninja gave him an apron with an inscription that reads always “Here to Serve”. He is to wear it at all times and serve all Housemates. Biggie will punish any housemate who doesn’t send him on an errand severely.

Do you think Sheggz’s punishment is fair?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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