Eloswag Emerges Week 4 BBNaija 2022 Head of House Winner

bbnaija head of house week 4

BBnaija head of house week 4 is about to cause a lot of stir as many viewers are expecting their faves to win the crown. After the last eviction ofΒ  Khalid and Illebaye of the Level 2 house of the BBNaija Season 7 Level Up show, a total of 4 housemates have been evicted and 1 disqualified.

So in the Level 1 house we have Eloswag, Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Chomzy, Diana, Dotun, Doyin, Giddyfia, Hermes, Sheggz, Deji and Rachel.Β 

And left in the level 2 house are Amaka, Bryann, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, Pharmsavi, Phyna, Modella and Chizzy.Β 

As the culture is, Adekunle who was last week’s Head of House will not be allowed to take part in this week’s Head of House task. Β 

First Task

The housemates were given 7mins to fix a jigsaw puzzle and the image of what was expected of them was placed in the walkway in between the tables where they stood.Β 


Biggie strictly instructed the housemates not to move from where they stood in the course of the first game. But unfortunately, that rule was hard to keep because most of them had to move to have a look at the image.

If a housemate finishes his/her task before the buzzer rings, they are expected to lift a paper to indicate the completion of the task.Β 

Task Result

At the end of the first round, 6 housemates; Bryann, Danielle, Diana, Hermes, Eloswag and PharmSavi were selected to move to the next round. Β 

Biggie gave them extra 2mins to complete their puzzles as only three of them can move to the second round. Before the buzzer rang, Eloswag raised his paper to indicate that he had finished.

He was first because he was almost done with his puzzle before the first buzzer rang. Hermes finished second but didn’t raise his paper as the rule stated. Bryann raised his paper as soon as he was done and came second.

The Level 1 housemate started booing at Hermes to raise his paper when they saw what was going on.

By the time Hermes came back to his senses and raised his paper, Diana also raised her paper.Β At the announcement of the final result of the first task, Eloswag, Bryann and Hermes made it to the next round.Β 

Second Task

In the second round, the contestants were given 2 mins to count or estimate the number of broomsticks in a bunch. The housemate with the estimated number close to the exact number will emerge as the winner.

Before now, the Ninjas had counted the broomsticks and written the exact number and sealed it in an envelope.Β 

Eloswag and Bryann went into the business of counting the broomsticks while Hermes picked some bunch and tried guessing the number In each bunch. They went ahead to write their estimated numbers on the paper placed on their table before the buzzer went off.Β 

Eloswag wrote 390, Bryann wrote 105 and Hermes wrote 130. A few minutes after the buzzer had gone off, Biggie asked Hermes to write his number. We can’t tell why he did that but we noticed Hermes exchanging glances with Eloswag.

I don’t know if this was planned or coincidental because Hermes was expected to tell Biggie he had written a number. He didn’t do that and went ahead to write down 390, the exact number Eloswag wrote.

Task Result

The Ninja was asked to reveal the number of broomsticks in the bunch so he took out the paper from the envelope. The number on the paper read 450, making Eloswag the housemate who wrote the number closest to it first.

Thereby making Eloswag the fourth-week HoH and a two-time Head of House winner.


Head of House Nomination

As usual, Eloswag was given 30 mins to deliberate with his Level mates and nominate five persons for possible eviction on Sunday.Β 

As the Head of House from Level 1, this means his Level mates will not be up for eviction.Β He was called into the Diary room after his time was up to mention the housemates he has chosen.Β 

He admitted to feeling sad making this hard decision, but he had no choice than nominating them. Biggie asked if he would rather nominate his Level housemates for eviction.

He said “No” and further called out PharmSavi, Modella, Kess, Danielle and Chizzy for possible eviction on Sunday.Β 

Biggie asked him to add two more housemates to the already mentioned 5 names. He doesn’t know Chizzy and Modella are fake housemates and can’t be evicted so he mentioned Amaka and Groovy.Β 

Reasons for His Nomination

Here are the reasons for his nomination:


PharmSavi and Modella: He nominated them to know the strength of their fan base outside the house.Β 


Danielle: He assumes she misses Khalid her lover and might not feel happy in the house without him.Β 


Chizzy: He feels Chizzy is too comfortable and doesn’t bother himself with what’s happening in the house.Β 


Kess: Eloswag thinks Kess is missing his wife so he wants to give him an opportunity to home to his wife.Β 


Eloswag nominated Amaka and Groovy because Biggie had asked him to nominate additional two housemates.Β 

Tail of HouseΒ 

The Tail of House is the housemate with the poorest performance and this week’s tail of House is Phyna. This Tail of House position comes with responsibilities and punishment and this week’s punishment is the worst.Β 

Phyna’s punishment was never to say a reasonable word in any language to any housemate throughout the week. She’s to bleat like a goat or speak in an alien tongue.Β 

We all know that is the worst punishment Phyna can ever get and she is loud and a good talker. How will she express her emotions to Groovy or respond if Amaka decides to verbally attack her?

Let’s know what you think about the nomination and Phyna’s punishment in the comment section.

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