BBNaija Eviction Nomination Week 8 – All Nominated Housemates

BBNaija Eviction Nomination Week 8

BBNaija Eviction nomination Week 8 took place immediately after the Head of House game. Previously, the sole right to nominate housemates for eviction rested on the HoH.

Subsequently, after the merge, all the housemates were up for eviction except the HoH. With less than 3 weeks left for the BBNaija Level Up Season 7 to come to an end, we have 11 real Housemates left.

This is after the eviction of Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy on Sunday. Moreover, Biggie has asked each housemate to nominate 3 housemates for possible eviction and as usual, they wasted their votes on Rachel.

This is sad because they do not know Rachael is a Rider. Biggie’s guests who were the evicted Housemates were also called into the diary session to nominate though their votes won’t count.


How They Nominated

∘ Adekunle nominated Sheggz, Bella and Dotun

∘ Daniella nominated Hermes, Rachel and Bella

∘ Dotun nominated Rachel, Adekunle and Hermes

∘ Bryann nominated Hermes, Adekunle and Bella

∘ Bella nominated Daniella, Rachel and Hermes

∘ Sheggz nominated Rachel, Chichi and Adekunle

∘ Allysyn nominated Bella, Sheggz and Adekunle

∘ Hermes nominated Sheggz, Bella and Rachel

∘ Groovy nominated Allysyn, Chichi and Dotun

∘ Chichi nominated Sheggz, Hermes and Bryann

∘ Phyna nominated Sheggz, Bella and Adekunle

Nomination Result

β€’ Bella got 6 nominations

β€’ Sheggz got 5 nominations

β€’ Adekunle got 5 nominations

β€’ Hermes got 5 nominations

β€’ Chichi got 2 nominationsΒ 

β€’ Dotun got two nominations

β€’ Allysyn, Bryann and Daniella got one Nomination each.

β€’ Rachel got 5 nominations but it obviously didn’t count as she won’t be evicted.

Veto Power

Phyna was given the opportunity to use her veto power to save and replace one nominated Housemate with another. Biggie gave her time to take it all in and make a decision she won’t regret finally.

Finally, she saved her friend Chichi and replaced her with Allysyn. So Housemates who are up for Eviction on Sunday are:

β€’ Bella

β€’ Sheggz

β€’ Adekunle

β€’ Hermes

β€’ Dotun

β€’ Allysyn

Ebuka’s final words as usual were β€œAs always with Big Brother, the more you look, the more you see”.

Which housemates do you see leaving on Sunday?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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