BBNaija Dotun Wins Head of House – Week 6Β Season 7

BBNaija Dotun Wins Head of House - Week 6Β Season 7

BBNaija Dotun wins the Head of House for Week 6 after playing a game of luck and chance. The Challenge, as usual, was in two segments and the housemates were divided into male and female too.

Biggie wanted two winners from the male category and two from the female category for the finals. The four winners will compete in the finals for one to emerge as the Head of House.Β 

First Challenge

The first round was to move marbles from a bowl on a table to a saucer at another table at another end of the room. They had one minute to do this and stopped as soon as the buzzer rang.

The male housemates went first and as usual, put in their best to get lots of marbles. However, the top two housemates from the male categories were Adekunle and Dotun with 19 and 11 marbles respectively.

The female Housemates went immediately after the male housemates with lots of zeal. Chichi and Phyna came out top in the female category with 9 and 32 marbles respectively.

Finally, the four Housemates that made it to the final round were Adekunle, Dotun, Phyna and Chichi.


Second Challenge

The second challenge was a dart throwing game and the target was a balloon. This balloon specifically had a secret message that read β€œHead of House”. This was a game of luck because there is a target not just a number of balloons.

After several attempts, Dotun was able to hit the ballon with the message. He screamed Head of House in excitement and was officially declared the week 6 head of House by Biggie.

As the ritual was, Dotun chose Daniella as his partner in the HoH lounge. But unfortunately, Danielle won’t enjoy immunity from nomination even as Dotun’s partner. Danielle was happy when she was chosen by her newfound lover.

Tail of House

Allysyn and Sheggz are the Tail of House for this week. Allysyn didn’t carry out her punishment as the Tail of House last week and so she is supposed to continue this week as the Tail of House.

Sheggz on the other hand was able to move only two marble in two minutes and that was very poor. So as the housemate with the lowest marble he won the Tail of House.

Biggie gave them both a box containing wigs and paintings and they’re supposed to dress as clowns this week. The housemate can paint them whenever they want without restrictions.

Do you think anything will happen between these two?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 

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