BBNaija Chomzy Emerges 1st Female Head of House – Full Gist

BBNaija Chomzy Emerges 1st Female Head of House - Full Gist

BBNaija Chomzy emerges 1st female HoH in the BBNaija season 7 Level Up. She succeeded the two tasks in the HoH Challenge to clinch the crown, therefore becoming the 5th HoH.

The challenge started with Biggie giving instructions and an announcement for the previous Tail of House, Phyna. Unfortunately, Phyna failed to complete last week’s punishment as Tail of House.Β  So she would continue as Tail of House for the week.

And as Tail of House, she won’t compete in the HoH Challenge for this week. Another housemate who won’t participate in the challenge is Eloswag. This is because he is the incumbent head of House.


First challengeΒ 

First the Housemates were separated into male and female cateogry. This is to have at least one male and one female in the final round.Β 

The first challenge was a Dunkwa race that involved the Housemates moving a Dunkwa off a plate from one end of the arena to the other end using their mouth. The female went first and then the male went next.

Most housemates failed to adhere to Biggie’s Instructions and this included all the Male housemates. So the Male housemates were disqualified and Chomzy and Bella emerge top two from the female category.

And they had to compete in the finals as only one can wear the Head of House crown. And this is the first time there will be a female head of House in the BBNaija Season 7 Level Up House.Β 

Second challengeΒ 

The second challenge was the recreation of an image using candies. Bella and Chomzy were given a reference image and a test tube of candies to recreate exactly the image.

The first housemate to finish is to lift the test tube and scream Head of House. Chomzy finished first and was officially crowned the 5th and 1st female Head of House.

BBNaija Chomzy Emerges 1st Female Head of House - Full Gist

Inasmuch as the crown won her immunity, she was entitled to giving any other Housemate immunity too. What this means is that, whosoever she picks will be her Deputy and can not be nominated for eviction. This housemate also gets to share the HoH bedroom with her. Chomzy decided to choose Eloswag as her partner and Deputy.Β 

Do you think Chomzy wants an opportunity to bond with Eloswag knowing she can’t have Groovy?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 

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