BBNaija ChiChi and Diana’s Fight Over Deji – All The Details

BBNaija ChiChi and Diana's Fight Over Deji - All The Details

BBNaija Chichi and Diana’s fight over Deji was the highlight of the early hours of the Monday morning event. After the merge on Sunday, the mansion obviously was smaller to accommodate all the housemates. This means they would have to share some things like locker space.

Deji and ChiChi’s Relationship

The relationship between Deji and Chichi has always been a complicated one. Chichi comes off as an uninterested fellow when it comes to admitting her feelings for Deji but gets angry when he’s with someone else.

Deji offered to share his space with Diana since there was not enough locker space for the Level 1 housemates after the merger. He also wasn’t aware that Allysyn, Doyin and Diana talked about him and Chichi caught the wave of the story.

The conversation obviously got Chichi upset as she went crying to Phyna about what she heard. Recall that Phyna and Chichi already have a relationship from a club where they worked as a hype woman and stripper respectively.

The Fight

Phyna started hyping Chichi and pumped her ego and motivated her to go for what she wanted. As soon as Diana walked into the room, Chichi charged toward her and was held back by Phyna.

Phyna kept whispering hopefully to her to calm her down, but it only worsen the matter. She abused Diana asking her if she thought she was Amaka or Rachel she could intimidate.

Diana walked out of the room, in an attempt to avoid a fight but Chichi followed her right into the Kitchen. Chichi was all up in Diana’s face, raining abuses on her yet Diana tried hard to keep her cool.

In the heat of her anger, she went to Deji’s locker space and scattered his and Diana’s clothes, perfumes and personal belongings.

When Deji sat to go over the fight with Adekunle and Dotun, he expressed shock and confusion. He said he did not understand Chichi’s behaviour as they weren’t an item.

Finally, Chichi told Amaka she was going to apologise to Diana when she gets out of bed. Amaka advised her that it was the right thing to do though Diana had left the room.

Diana was seen weeping profusely in Eloswag’s arm saying she didn’t deserve all the insults she got. Eloswag encouraged her to be strong and don’t come off as weakling as she did well being the adult and calm.

Was her behaviour justified?

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