BBNaija Amaka’s Sudden Evictionย – Full Update

BBNaija Amaka Sudden Evictionย - Full Update

BBNaija Amakaโ€™s Sudden Eviction from the Level Up House on Monday came like a shock. Just after Dotun emerged as Head of House, Biggie called for a sudden eviction nomination.

Modellaโ€™s eviction on Sunday didnโ€™t make them think of any eviction on Monday. Hastily, the housemates nominated themselves and here is how they nominated. ย 


โ€ข Chomzy nominated Amaka and Doyinย 

โ€ข Chizzy nominated Eloswag and Bellaย 

โ€ข Giddyfia nominated Chizzy and Amakaย 

โ€ข Rachel nominated Hermes and Deji ย 

โ€ข Adekunle nominated Doyin and Amakaย 

โ€ข Hermes nominated Doyin and Chichiย 

โ€ข Sheggz nominated Chizzy and Dianaย 

โ€ข Bella nominated Adekunle and Chizzyย 

โ€ข Diana nominated Chichi and Deji ย 

โ€ข Chichi nominated Allysyn and Adekunleย 

โ€ข Bryann nominated Amaka and Eloswagย 

โ€ข Doyin nominated Rachel and Adekunleย 

โ€ข Deji nominated Hermes and Doyinย 

โ€ข Eloswag nominated Doyin and Amakaย 

โ€ข Groovy nominated Adekunle and Doyinย 

โ€ข Phyna nominated Adekunle and Hermesย 

โ€ข Daniella nominated Hermes and Chichiย 

โ€ข Amaka nominated Giddyfia and Chomzyย 

โ€ข Allysyn nominated Rachel and Chizzyย 

โ€ข Dotun nominated Rachel and Amaka


Why Amaka and not Doyin?

Viewers and housemates were confused as to why Amaka was evicted even when she had an equal nomination as Doyin. Biggie cleared the air that Amaka was nominated by six real Housemates and their vote counted.

Doyin was nominated by five real and one fake housemate. Dejiโ€™s nomination of Doyin as a fake housemate didnโ€™t count. So altogether Amaka had six nominations and Doyin had five nominations.ย 

Reasons For Their Nominationย 

During the Diary Session, Biggie asked the Housemates who nominated Amaka their reasons for nominating her.ย 

1. Giddyfia

His nomination was a shock to all viewers because we thought they had a relationship. He claimed not to have known her except for brief interaction in the Arena and during the Saturday Party.

Another thing he pointed out was that she was involved in gossip and that she lacked coordination. After her warning on microphone infringement, Giddyfia had a conversation with her about it.

She said she had a loud voice and doesnโ€™t need the microphone to speak. Giddyfia detached himself from her after her first strike because he saw her as a rule breaker. ย 

2. Eloswag

Eloswagโ€™s reason was that Amaka was always having an altercation with a fellow Housemate. We canโ€™t say if Eloswag nominated Amaka because of the gossip she leaked that hurt Chomzy.ย 

3. Hermes

Hermes thought Amaka did not give her all during the Games and it led to her eventual Eviction. He doesn’t really have anything against her as they have never had an altercation.

4. Bryann

Bryann claimed to have nominated Amaka randomly and hastily and didnโ€™t think. Though we all suspected he nominated her because of the alteration they had last week.ย 

5. Dotun

Dotun reason for nominating Amaka was for the general good of the House. He believes her eviction was going to allow for peace in the House.ย 

6. Adekunle

Adekunle reason for nominating Amaka was because she was a strong contender. He wanted to eliminate the strong ones and have a chance at the 100 million grabs prize.

Most viewers have taken to their social media pages to disagree with Big Brother over Amaka’s eviction. Do you think deserved to be evicted? share your thoughts in the comments.

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