BBNaija Adekunle and Sheggz fight Messy – See Full Details

bbnaija adekunle and sheggz fight

Adekunle and Sheggz got into a fight on Tuesday evening after Sheggz’s excesses and disrespectful attitude. The Level 2 housemate, Sheggz has been noticed to be a bully to his fellow housemates, especially Adekunle.

While some assumed the cause of the fight was food, it was obvious there was more to it than that. Sheggz attitude towards his housemates is nothing but annoying and disrespectful but he hasn’t been challenged to it. Β 

He walks with an air of superiority around the house like he has a spell over the housemates or something. Moreover, being a London boy tends to make them see himself as a demigod as no one calls out his shit to him.Β 

The buildup of Sheggz lousy attitude

In the first week, Sheggz disrespected Adekunle by accusing him of being close to Bella to snatch her away from him. Before Sheggz indicated Interest in Bella, Adekunle had first been around her but stepped aside for Sheggz.Β 

He has always bragged about being a London boy and in subtle words disrespected people. He made insulting statements like β€œHe is not the reason for their problems and poverty”.Β 

Before the Eviction on Sunday, Ebuka revealed some conversations the housemates has about each other. He further asked each of them the reason why they had such a line of conversation.

Two persons involved in the exposure were Sheggz and Adekunle and they aired their reasons for saying what they said. It was obvious that Sheggz felt attacked when Adekunle said his relationship with Bella was a strategy.Β 

Β Sheggz once called Adekunle a bad Leader for not taking their advice on who to nominate for eviction last week. We know the sole decision of who to nominate rests on the HoH and the housemates can only advise. Β 

Sheggz further accused Adekunle of nominating Groovy who is his supposed friend for possible eviction just to get at him. It was ridiculous as Groovy was a Level 2 housemate and had no connection whatsoever with Sheggz.Β 

Just this week again, Allysyn was with Adekunle and if we can recall, Biggie asked her about her relationship with Adekunle. Allysyn admitted they were just cool friends and Adekunle was okay with what they had. Β 

But Bella and Sheggz made fun of it as Allysyn friend zoning Adekunle and that was actually childish. Adekunle walked up to them and reprimanded them for that action and Sheggz just laughed.Β 

Sheggz has a dirty attitude of always making excuses when he does or says something annoying and disrespectful. Β 

It’s either he attributes it to his London lifestyle or says it’s just his opinion. These opinions are most times to attack, ridicule, or make jest of someone as he doesn’t consider people’s feelings.

How the fight started

Chichi decided to make Rice, Beans and stew for the housemates but it turned out the food wasn’t enough for them. Adekunle opted to make noodles for himself to allow other people have the food. Β 

The next thing we heard was Adekunle shouting in the kitchen in a very angry mood. It was gathered that Sheggz called him β€œStupid” unprovoked and charged toward him in the kitchen. He felt his ego punctured as a man as he couldn’t take any more of Sheggz’s disrespect.Β 

It was obvious his outburst was as a result of a suppressed emotion in respect to Sheggz attitude since week one and especially this week. Adekunle knew the rules of the house that anyone who goes into a physical fight with any housemate is automatically disqualified. Β 

He was willing to get disqualified as he challenged Sheggz to face him like a man and let them settle their scores. It took all the housemates to hold and calm Adekunle down so he wouldn’t fight Sheggz.Β 

Aftermath of the fight

Bella as expected supported her man and kept saying they should away from the fight and leave Sheggz alone. She asked them to all mind their business and to allow Adekunle and Sheggz sort out their issues as men. Β 

She further attacked Rachel the new housemate for supporting Adekunle and Diana for standing up to Sheggz. All the housemates who were in the dinning during the fight admitted Sheggz was the cause of this fight. Β 

If he hadn’t called Adekunle stupid after all that had transpired this week, Adekunle wouldn’t have lost his cool.Β 

Doyin had a conversation later with Sheggz and called out his shits to him. Sheggz admitted to what he did but didn’t admit he was at fault as he kept saying it was his opinion. Β 

And when he couldn’t keep up with it, he started deviating from the core of the conversation as he always does.Β 

Doyin has actually being the only person to call out Sheggz attitude to him till Adekunle wore the crown of vawulence this night.Β 

Do you think Adekunle overreacted? What do you think should be done to Sheggz and Adekunle?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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