BBNaija’s 4th week eviction- Full Gist Inclusive

BBNaija's 4th week eviction

BBNaija’s 4th-week eviction was another Sunday of gloominess for the Level 2 house. They were going to lose one or more members and it wasn’t a happy ordeal.

Level 1 Weekly Review

Ebuka as usual started by probing the Level 1 housemate on the recent happenings and ships. He first approached their complacent attitude to the HoH and Wager tasks.

Eloswag and Chomzy

He buttressed that they have left the task to three Housemates who have won them their immunity this far. Moving over to the shipping situation, he asked Eloswag about his relationship with Chomzy.Β 

Eloswag responded that he had made his intentions known to her but hasn’t gotten feedback. Ebuka further asked if he thinks Groovy’s presence in the house will threaten his chances. Eloswag smartly told Ebuka that Chomzy Is a full-grown woman and knows what she wants.

Diana and Giddyfia

Moving to Diana, Ebuka asked her what her relationship was with Giddyfia. Diana answered that they are close and she had expressively told him what she feels. Β 

Ebuka’s concern was because of the fight that broke out between Diana and Rachel on Saturday. Diana added that Rachel has been intentional about seducing and flirting with Giddyfia. Β 

It was obvious only Diana knew what she wanted with Giddyfia because she has always likened their relationship to a sibling relationship. Β 

Ebuka further asked about Amaka’s place in all of this and she was confused. At this point, she confessed that only Giddyfia can answer the question.

Sheggz and Bella

The next ship to be probed was Sheggz and Bella’s ship. Ebuka mentioned that Bella told Sheggz that everyone in the house hates them and asked for her reason. She said she use to feel a certain kind of bad energy but now it’s all gone.

Ebuka asked if it all went away in just days, and she said Yes. Bella has been voicing concern about not being comfortable with the way Ebuka keep bringing up conversations before evictions. Her fears are mainly about the things she had earlier said about Doyin and Hermes. Β 

She feels she might handle Doyin but not Hermes because he can be a lot to handle when he loses his cool. Biggie gave the Level 1 housemate 10mins to get all their luggage to the arena.Β 

Β Level 2 Weekly Review

In the Level 2 house, Ebuka also addressed the carefree attitude of the housemates in the HoH challenge. He addressed Kess first because of the strategy he told Biggie during his diary session. Kess decided to play weak so he will not be nominated for eviction as a strong contender.

But the strategy didn’t work as he was nominated because he wasn’t putting in his best. Though Kess lied that it was because they aren’t lucky even after making it to the finals.

Bryann and Modella

Moving ahead, Ebuka asked Modella who has snuggled in Bryann’s embrace what their relationship was. She replied that they’re just friends and we’re vibing. Recall that Bryann had asked Big Brother for a favour in one of his Diary sessions.

He asked for an opportunity to take Modella out for a Date in the garden. We still look forward to Biggie’s favourable response to that favour.

Ebuka asked Chizzy if he thought his Level mates are putting in their best in the HoH challenge. He boldly said β€œNo” and even offer to mention names of those who he feels have what it takes. Obviously, he was referring to Kess and Amaka.

Kess Eviction

BBNaija's 4th week eviction- Full Gist Inclusive

The first housemate to be evicted from the BBNaija Level Up house on Sunday night was Kess. This did not actually come as a surprise to most viewers as we knew this day was near. When asked about his stay in the house, he said being married came with some restrictions.

He wasn’t able to relate well with his Housemates because they saw him as a married man. Some thought it was because he was beginning to have a thing for Modella.

PharmSavi’s Eviction

BBNaija's 4th week eviction

The next Housemate to be evicted from the BBNaija Level Up house on Sunday wasΒ  PharmSavi. PharmSavi was all up with his infectious smile and didn’t feel so bad for Been evicted.

He talked about his plans to pursue his clinical dreams and I must commend him. Unlike most people who want to go into the movie and music industry, he was specific and assertive about his future.Β 

Big Brother who wasn’t done with bringing twists into the game dropped yet another bomb. A merger. Finally, the Level 1 and 2 house has been merged to give the Level Up House officially. This means that housemates will fight for their individual glory and immunity including the HoH title.Β 

To ease the tension, Big Brother prepared a pool party for the Housemates to chill off the stress.Β 

Do you think the Merger is a good idea?Β 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.Β 

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